Pre-Conception: Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Are you and your significant other thinking of getting pregnant? Have you given any thought to what you should do to prepare your body for pregnancy? Today’s post will walk you through some steps that will help prepare you and your body for baby!

Having a baby can be one of the most joyous times in your life, but before you have that baby, you need to conceive. Have you ever wondered what the important information is, when you’re trying to get pregnant? Well, wonder no more, I’m here to share what you need to know before conception!

If you’ve been thinking of getting pregnant for awhile, then I’m sure you’ve noticed how much information is available for those who are already pregnant and what to expect, there’s not so much out there on tips for preparing for conception. However, I want you to feel confident in your knowledge and be ready to take on any of the challenges that conceiving a baby can bring. I can’t prepare you for everything, but my hope is that by sharing these tips, you’ll be better prepared on what to expect.

Pre-Conception Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy - Baby Doodah

Are You Prepared?

I’m sure you’re well aware that having a baby is a huge responsibility, but I want to make sure you understand the things that are most important when it comes to conceiving. Things like your weight, blood pressure, your finances and caffeine intake, become even MORE important because you want to be as healthy as can be, for that soon to be, bundle of joy. You can certainly have a baby at any stage in your life, but I want to provide you some tips on how to be most prepared.

Tips for Women Trying to conceive

  1. Schedule a pre-conception visit with your OB-GYN. Before even beginning the “fun” of conceiving, you want to make sure that everything is working properly, that your blood pressure is at a safe level, that you have not contracted any STDs, also things like your blood sugar levels, or your weight – are important. By making and keeping this appointment, be well prepared for the long (and exciting) road of pregnancy. Remember, most of the symptoms listed above are treatable, so see your doctor and make sure you’re healthy!
  2. Check to ensure the medicines you take are safe. One other important note to consider when meeting with your doctor, is ensuring that the medicine you are already currently taking is safe to have in your system when you get pregnant, and throughout pregnancy. In some circumstances, you may need to try a different, safer medications.
  3. Start taking Folic Acid. Whether it is in the form of a multi-vitamin or all on its own, it is very important to ensure that your baby’s brain and spinal cord grow completely and develop correctly. You can read more about the benefits of Folic Acid here.
  4. Start tracking your ovulation schedule. Knowing when your body is ovulating will make it easier for you to know when the best time to get pregnant is. There are loads of apps out there, my personal favorite is Ovia from Ovuline. It has a super easy interface, and is very comprehensive, asking me questions on things I hadn’t thought of.
  5. Ditch the Birth Control! This one probably goes without saying, but just wanted to be sure and mention it.
  6. Stop drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Enough said!
  7. Make an appointment to see your dentist. Many women have issues with their teeth while pregnant because of the hormone changes in your body, they become more sensitive, shift, or can cause gum disease, so having ultimate gum and teeth health BEFORE baby is really important. Want more information on teeth and gum health during pregnancy? Check-out this post on Web MD, for more information.
  8. Aim for a healthy weight, or try to lose a few pounds. You do not need to be at your goal weight to have a healthy baby, Emmett is living testament to that, but you do want to try and maintain a healthy weight, or possibly lose a few pounds before actually conceiving. For myself, I began focusing on more mindful eating, and in the process lost some weight.
  9. Stock your home with healthy foods. If the junk food is in your home, you are bound to eat it. So, just keep it out! Keep only the healthy foods around, and you’ll make healthy choices.
  10. Finally, start the conception process!!

In Conclusion

Remember, every woman’s pre-pregnancy experience will be different. So, don’t stress out if it takes you a little longer to get pregnant, than it does a friend. Instead, enjoy your time as a childless couple, and enjoy the whole conception process. 😉

85 percent of American couples under 35, have a fairly easy time conceiving (pulled from fitpregnancy) – and if you are not part of that 85 percent, stress will not help conception. Taking time to ensure you are following the steps above and just enjoying the process, will.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

Your turn!

Have you started the pre-coneption process? Do you have any tips that helped you through everything? Please share in the comments below!

Or, if you’re already pregnant, what things have kept you healthy?

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