Social Media Mixer – #21

Welcome to the 21st week of the Social Media Mixer!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 20 – we had 121 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

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The Social Media Mixer is all about networking and making connections. Also, you can gain exposure and increase your social media following! Link up your blog posts and social media accounts and mix it up with some of the other linkers. Each week, the Weekday Mixer will start on Saturday nights at 8:00pm and go on until Wednesday nights at 11:59pm. A blog post will be chosen each week by each of the hosts and guest hosts and featured in the following week’s link-up! If chosen, a brief summary about yourself and your blog/website and all of your social media accounts will be featured. It’s a great way to stand out among the crowd! One blogger will be chosen for 2 weeks of free ad space on Epic Mommy Adventures!

Welcome your hosts!

SMM Hosts Aug 2014 (1)

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Angel from Sew Crafty Angel | Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise | Julia from Minivan Dreams | | Liz from Look by Liz Lewis | Kaitlyn from Three Sisters and Us | Shana from Technotini | Anni from Grapefruit Princess | Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter | Ce Ce from A Chicago Mom | Jillian from Baby Doodah | Holly from Southern Mom Loves

And welcome your guest hosts for October!


Melissa from The Coupon Chronicles | Meghan from Life with Peanut | Alycia from Crazily Normal | Heather from Krafts and Kiddos | Crystal from Finding Crystal | Tina from The Happy Creations

And here are the Featured bloggers from last week’s Social Media Mixer…

Tiffany chose…

Ah yes, it’s finally Bedtime…revisited from Living in Mommywood


I am touching on bedtime again because no one can or should mess with my sleep just joking (but not really). We always hear about studies showing the importance of a good nights rest and sleep. How we prepare for that is and can be a challenge for parents, especially of little ones. As bedtime approaches for some it can become a time of torture or a time for relaxation.

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Heather chose…

First Birthday Party Success from Winks and Eyerolls


Well it came and went. The big first birthday event. All the planning, ideas, and work that goes into a party and before you know it’s over. Camp Asher, (yup that’s my son’s name, first time revealing it to you) was a success and everyone had a great time! I’m sorry (well kind of but not really 🙂 for the picture overload you are about to see.

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Anni chose…

Be You Bravely from Home Is Where The Heart Is


This Fall, I started being a part of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). It is a place where I can be with other Moms while my girls are playing with other kids. You can find out more about MOPS here. The theme for this quarter is “Be You Bravely.”

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Jillian and Ce Ce chose…

102 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic from Live Laugh Love Post


Is your blog getting poor traffic? Are you looking for ways to increase your blog traffic? Are you experiencing your frustration with not getting more traffic in your blog? Are you attempting to get more visitors directly to your blog? If you say so, then you will learn on how to increase your blog traffic. Indeed, I admit that I have been learning more about how to increase my blog traffic, too. You are not the only one. I have wonderful news that you may be learning on how to increase your blog traffic.

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Holly chose…

Family Movie Night Ideas from Practical Princess Diaries


Family movie night is a great way to do something together as a family that doesn’t cost a lot or can even be FREE. Going to the movies as a family is getting pretty expensive. Ticket prices are up to $12 each for 3D movies. Add on the popcorn, soda, and over priced candy. Before you know it you have spent $100 to listen to other people talk through the movie, waiting in line, and the inevitable “I have to go to the bathroom” from one of your kids. We love family movie night at our house! Try some of our family movie night ideas to start this tradition in your house.

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Angel chose…

Chair Makeover: Miss Rose from Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Chair makeover miss rose

A thrift shop find lured me because of its carving. Quite weak and very damaged, it was held together with duct tape.

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Alycia chose…

10 Top Tips for Saving Money from A Fresh Start


My Husband and I have been working on getting our finances i order for sometime now and it hasn’t been going fast enough so we are kicking it up a notch. I really want to start 2015 with less money worries and a little saved up.

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And the winner is…

102 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic from Live Laugh Love Post


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