Social Media Mixer – #10

Welcome to the 10th week of the Social Media Mixer! Can you believe it’s 10 weeks already??!!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 9 – we had 127 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

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The Social Media Mixer is all about networking and making connections. Also, you can gain exposure and increase your social media following! Link up your social media accounts and mix it up with some of the other linkers. Each week, the Weekday Mixer will start on Saturday nights at 8:00pm and go on until Thursday night at 11:59pm. One linker will be chosen each week each of the hosts and guest hosts and featured in the following week’s link-up! If chosen, a brief summary about yourself and your blog/website and all of your social media accounts will be featured. It’s a great way to stand out among the crowd!

Welcome your hosts!


Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Angel from Sew Crafty Angel | Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise | Julia from Minivan Dreams | | Liz from Look by Liz Lewis | Kaitlyn from Three Sisters and Us | Shana from Technotini | Anni from Grapefruit Princess | Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter | Ce Ce from A Chicago Mom | Jillian from Baby Doodah | Holly from Southern Mom Loves

And welcome your guest hosts for August!


Madison from Wetherills Say I Do | Sandy from Being Content Where We Are | Danielle from Dancing with my Daughter| Katie from How to Make the Sun Shine | Julie from Artwork by JM | Sherry Ann from Teach, Inspire, Love, Raise | Julia from The Everyday Momma | Victoria from Giveaways 4 Mom | Tara from Anything & Everything

And here are the Featured bloggers from last week’s Social Media Mixer…

Victoria chose…

_MG_0859 (1)

Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

Welcome! I am Shaunacey. Wife to Brent (aka Mr. B), first-time mom to Annabelle (aka mini-me) and mom to fur-child, Lilo. I work full-time, love to cook and bake (and eat), love to shop, like to (try) and be crafty and LOVE to laugh. I am a fast-talker, deep-thinker and loud-laugher. It seems that I am either taking life too seriously or not seriously enough. As a first-time mom I feel like I don’t know what I am doing a lot of the time and I am learning ALL of the time. Even though I have no clue what I am doing, I love EVERY second. She makes it easy. Like everyone, I’m trying to find the perfect balance and I’m not there just yet. I want to be a great wife, mom, friend and employee and I want to look good doing it. That shouldn’t be that hard, right?

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Chelsea chose…


My Special Kind of Crazy

Welcome to My Special Kind of Crazy. I started this blog in my head when I was pregnant with my first daughter, and now my 2nd daughter is 6 months old. I started this blog to remember life with young kids, as my mommy memory doesn’t remember where she left her sunglasses (on my head).I have a lot of catching up to do!

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Krissy and Tiffany chose…

julie (1)

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is is my personal blog on news and tips on many topics in every day life in the home. My two toddlers keep me busy. When I’m not also cooking, cleaning, or working, I love to take some me time and write. You can find me writing about kids, health, fashion, my favorite recipes, ways to make your home better, and so much more.

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Anni chose…


Zzzonk Owl

Welcome to ZzzonkOwl–A blog about “All Things Etsy” including featured Etsy shops, Etsy shop reviews, Treasuries of the Day, Etsy tips and tricks, Crafty Saturday Show & Sells, Linky Parties, and lots more!!

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Ce Ce chose…

about me 2

The Bajan Texan

Welcome to The Bajan Texan! This is where I share everything I love, you will find home décor and organization, tips on running a home, DIY projects, recipes, info for mums, entertaining and party planning . Whew! That was a lot but I actually do love all those things! Well maybe not cleaning… ironing…but anyway you get the idea!

Blog | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | YouTube | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest

Amanda chose…


Life Is Better in Pink

Who am I? …I’m Lindsay! Welcome to my blog. I’m a 20-something mom of two beautiful baby girls. I’m a pink loving, coffee drinking, dessert making, yoga practicing, stay-at-home mama of two little princesses. Welcome to my PINK life!

Blog | Google+

Holly chose…


West Street Story

Welcome to West Street Story, I am so glad you are here! West Street Story is a blog all about building our home and our family. It features DIY, gardening, food, and photography goodies and allows you to follow our journey through infertility, pregnancy, and the loss of our infant son.

Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram | Google+

Jillian chose…


Cents and Order

Welcome to my blog! You’ll find posts about personal finance such as: budgeting, money saving tips, debt strategies, and credit repair. Do you feel like you’re surrounded by chaos? Life in disarray? You’ll also find organization tips, cool printables, and time saving techniques. And if you are fond of technology and digital organization, you’ll find tips for that too.

Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Google+ | Bloglovin

Julia chose…


Curly Crafty Mom

My name is Carrie and I am the owner of this little blog called Curly Crafty Mom. This blog started when several of my friends from Babycenter started blogs of their own. When my second child was born in 2008, I started this blog under a different name: Mama’s Going to Buy Me a Mocking Bird. The reason I selected this name was because it was a song I would play and sing to Autumn when she went to bed at night. In 2013, I decided to change this blog more into a ‘DIY/crafting and fashion’ blog, it was time for a redesign and name change. Hence, the name Curly Crafty Mom evolved… Now, I still blog about my beautiful kids, my life, etc… but, over time I would like to share more and more DIY and crafts… along with redesigns throughout our home.

Blog | Facebook | Google+ | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram | Etsy

Shana chose…


The Realistic Optimist

My name is Brittany. I’m a mother, a student, and a writer. There used to be a whole lot more to me, but I’ve come to realize that putting my identity in Christ is a whole lot more simple and satisfying than any of that other stuff ever was. I’m in the process of building my life from the ground up, which means I’m really not much different from you. We all have obstacles to overcome. We’re growing every day. It’s a journey. I used to be so focused on the goal that I was oblivious to the path I was on. The blinders I wore obstructed my view of the scenery, the people, and the laughter around me. It was a dismal way of life and it caught up with me. Some people said it happened too soon. Me? I wish it had happened earlier. Because once you awaken to the light, the only regret you carry is having lived so long in the darkness of obscurity. So there’s not a moment to loose!

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Tara chose…




We’re Kat & Melinda, BFFs who share a love for creating! Whether it is a crafty Pinterest project, hosting a party, home decorating or trying out a new recipe, we just enjoy coming up with ideas and seeing if we can make them happen. At least a couple of times a week you will find us sitting around the kitchen table discussing what we want to create, or what cool new thing we’ve seen on Pinterest, and maybe gossiping…just a little ;). We created this blog as a place to share things that interest us and show you our successes…and failures.

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Natasha chose…


Winks and Eyerolls

Welcome, and thank you for checking out our blog! While some people may be wondering…winks and eyerolls? Anyone that has a sister or a close friend knows that the relationship can be back and forth at times. We’ve shared a playful wink that can quickly turn into a sarcastic eyeroll. But through the good, the bad, and the ugly, those ever lasting ties of sisterhood and friendship conquer all. With that being said, this is a blog created by two sisters. Although we may be six years apart and have different styles, we can truly call ourselves best friends. This blog will have a little bit of everything and something for everyone. You can find fun fashion tips, delicious recipes, DIY projects, random topics, and a journey through parenthood as a first time mom. We invite you along on this wild ride! So buckle up, click away, follow along, and enjoy!

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    Just wanted to say thank you for featuring me! I followed your blog and I hope you’ll stop by and follow me too! Thanks again!!

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