Toddler Apps to Keep Your Child Entertained

Toddler Apps Can Be Very Helpful Distraction

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Let’s face it, we all take risks when it comes to our little people. When we’re out and about and it is nearly nap time, we know when we make the next stop there could be a meltdown, but we take that risk anyway. Sometimes it can’t be helped, things need to get done and you only have so many hours in the day to get it done in. That’s why I have a handful of apps, on my iPhone and iPad that are learning apps. They are engaging, and I truly believe that there have been some circumstances where Emmett’s learned new things from them.

So when that first whine starts to escape from  your child’s mouth, take a second, pull out your phone (or other electronic device) and let them have at it for a short time. I promise, it won’t harm them!

Here’s a list of my toddler approved apps:

1. Peekaboo Toy Box – This is Emmett’s absolute favorite toddler app! He’s played it over and over again and NEVER grows tired of it. (I’m glad too!) The graphics are adorable, and it is highly interactive – a box appears on the screen, and when it’s tapped it slowly rattles and shakes and eventually pops open to reveal the surprise inside. You can also, tap on the screen and different little items pop up. Adorable! This app is $1.99, but is well worth that cost.

Best Toddler Apps-Baby Doodah

2. Talking ABC – Another HUGE favorite! Emmett loves watching the clay shapes move from letter to animal by just tapping on the screen. He also loves touching the animals, and having them repeat what they are. Plus the alphabet song that they sing is very different than the typical ABCs, and it’s adorable. My personal favorite with the app, is that if you talk and the screen, and then let it sit a few seconds, it will repeat what you just said, but in the animals voice. Emmett LOVES that they animals will say his name. There are also some name matching games, but we haven’t gotten to those yet, but definitely soon! This one is $2.99, but again WELL worth it!

3. Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App – Another total winner! Fisher-Price has a boatload of apps available, but this is definitely our favorite. You have 3 different options when it comes to playing with the app – You have the alphabet and items that start with that letter, shapes and colors, and then songs. When Emmett was first learning how to use the iPhone, he loved the letters and shapes, but now he loves listening and humming along to the songs. This is a freebie, so download it now!

Best Toddler Apps-Baby Doodah14. Fire Safety App: Sparky’s Birthday Surprise – This one is a little advanced for Emmett right now, but when he’s calm and wants to listen to a story, this app is great. It will read a story, but the screens are interactive. You click on the different parts of the building and you can open windows, or ring the fire bell. He loves that part!

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5. Kindle – I know this one is pretty basic, but it has saved us loads of times. Between books for Emmett to just flip through, or books for me to read to him. It is tied to Amazon so it has an amazing selection!

Those are our favorites, but as Emmett gets older and into different apps, I’ll be sure to share them with you. This way you can give them a try too!

Your turn!

Let’s share! What are some of your favorite toddler apps?


7 Responses to Toddler Apps to Keep Your Child Entertained

  1. I’ll have to downlaod the Fire Saftey app for Amber. We also love Peekaboo Barn, Shape Builder and all things Toca. Amber has really surprised me with her ability to do puzzles on the ipad too.

    • Jillian416 says:

      OOooh!! Peekaboo Barn sounds awesome! I will be looking into this one for Emmett. I love new app ideas, bc kids bored with the same ones over and over again. Thank you!

  2. Emily says:

    I will have to check these out for my little guy! Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks for sharing these apps. My son just officially become a toddler, so this will be useful in the coming months, I’m sure! LOL (Coming to you through the Social Media Mixer)

    • Jillian416 says:

      Hello!! Thanks so much for visiting! I hope your son loves these apps. 🙂 Be sure to stop by and let us know what he thought of them!!

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