Awareness of Online Threats

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How many parents are aware of the fact that their kids are facing plenty of brutal and demoralizing content in the Internet everyday? Many parents, because of their lifestyle, do not even realize how many threats are lurking in the Web. Those factors can badly influence children’s mentality as well as their behavior and ability of establishing new friendships. Even parental controls on computer are not always enough to prevent bad consequences of using the Internet in an inappropriate way.

Focus on the right things

Fast life and focusing on making a successful career are the biggest problems in taking care of the children. It happens quite often that parents leave all educational and behavioral issues on schools, thinking that those institutions should take all responsibility of raising their children. This is the worst thing parents can do because most of the dangerous interactions between kids on the Internet happen at home. So the house is the place where parents should take care of their children’s security first. It can be easily done by the simplest thing ever – talk. Honest and calm discussion about how to use the computer in a proper way can bring many more benefits than prohibiting anything related to a computer device. Usually when something is prohibited to the young person it becomes more desired. That’s why it is very important to build the awareness rather than making our kids feel that something is banned for them without any reason.

Make use of proper software

Next thing is showing your children how to use the Internet. Learning by doing will make the child more confident while surfing on the Web. Parents who show a wide knowledge about the Internet can impress the kids and became a role model in this sphere. Children like to follow an adult’s behaviors so using it to teach them good practices doesn’t seem so difficult. In the end, after the kid is aware of most of the threats on the Net and after he was taught how to use it in a proper way, we can think about installing parental monitoring software. Programs like these are usually easy to install and require little time to set up. They have a lot of features that are helpful in establishing control over children’s activity on the Net without letting them know that they are controlled. There are a lot more useful features that might be very handy. For example, you will be able to set time periods during which the computer or Internet would be available to use. Also, you can have weekly or even daily reports about any ongoing activity on the computer where monitoring software is installed. Creating a black list of web pages that kids shouldn’t have access to and putting filters on mail boxes takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes.


To sum up, parental control over their kids activity on the Web is a task dedicated mainly for parents. But it also happens in public institutions like schools, universities and libraries that they are implementing some elements of parental control.

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