Sunday Meal Plan Link Up – Week 6

Happy Sunday and Meal Plan Day

I love weekends! They allow us to be super impromptu and make plans on the fly. This weekend was supposed to be full of packing but we’ve been working hard and decided we needed a break so we headed down to visit my parents and spent Saturday there with them. It was a really nice visit! Since it was so “on the fly” no plans were made, we just took the hour journey down there and hung out. My sister Bridget was in town so it was fun to see her as well!

Emmett is starting to slowly remember and recognize people, so as soon as we got there he was off and playing with Grandma’s toys because he was so comfortable. He even got a new one, a tracker and farm jeep that came with farm animals (similar). He’s a lucky lucky boy!

The only problem, since we decided to take Saturday off from packing and other weekly chores, that means we’ll need to work extra hard today. That’s alright, we can handle it!


This Week’s Meal Plan

Sunday: Homemade Pizza (a carry over from last week)

Monday: Honey Chicken Teriyaki (another carry over)

Tuesday: Mexican Pizzas

Wednesday: Tilapia and Cauliflower

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Friday: Fend for selves (scrounge around house, this is an effort to save more money grocery shopping)

Saturday: Meatloaf and Bake Potatoes

You’re probably wondering why we have so many carry overs from last week, right? Well, maybe you’re not, but I’ll explain anyway. 🙂 Seamus and I decided to institute a weekly scrounge around the house day to save money, so that saved us one meal. The second, carry over happened, because we were supposed to make pizza last night but realized we had used most of the cheese for that on something else, so we ended up ordering pizza. You might think that takes away from us trying to save money, but we used money my dad had gifted us, so we were A-OK!

So that’s our meal plan for the week. It’s another one I’m pretty excited about, and I’m hopeful we’ll continue to be able to avoid eating out at our expense.

As usual, I’m linking up with  Laura from Mommy Run Fast and Jill from Fitness, Health & Happiness. Check out their blogs and be sure to link-up!


4 Responses to Sunday Meal Plan Link Up – Week 6

  1. Mmm, homemade pizza! Hope you have a super productive day!

  2. Scrounging around the house is a really smart way to save money…I wish I did that so that I wouldn’t end up with spoiled food at the end of each week!

    • Jillian416 says:

      Hi Janelle! It has definitely saved us like $15 this week. It’s nice to come in under budget, rather than over. Thank you for stopping by!

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