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Happy Sunday Meal Plan Day, friends!


Another weekend nearly in the books, and it was another great one. No plans, no work and lots of relaxation!

Saturday we were up early and out the door to get Emmett’s second haircut. It has been since just before Thanksgiving and it was needed. He always seems to grow 5 years after a haircut, love him! We also paid a visit to Target and Starbucks, and then back home. We spent the majority of the afternoon playing because Emmett refused to nap until 4:30, he just kept fighting it, but at 4:30 momma pushed him because it was very obvious he needed one.


Sunday has been the an uber productive day! We made plans to get up and right out the door, so that we could avoid all of the Super Bowl shoppers, and it worked. We were showered and out the door by 8:30 and at Wegmans by 9. Emmett was super loving, giving hugs and kisses to Seamus and I, and saying hello to everyone else. He’s really at a fun age right now!

Once we got home and put all the food away, our weekly food prep began – Seamus cut up his lettuce for his salads for the week and I made hard boiled eggs and Twice Baked Lime Sweet Potatoes for my daily lunch. This is a new recipe, but I think it’s going to be a winner. When I made the potato filling, with the lime, salt and black pepper, I was super shocked at how good it tasted. I’m really looking forward to lunches this week!


Helping Daddy with the Salad Spinner

Back to the task at hand, my Sunday Meal Plan

Last week, linking up with Laura and Mommy Run Fast, helped keep me focused on the food we had purchased for the week, so I’m linking up again.

Sunday: Skinny Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Taco (these are a redo, we skipped them last week)

Monday: Baked Chicken

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs (grilled cheese and tomato soup for me)

Wednesday: Chicken Florentine Casserole

Thursday: Homemade Steak Sandwiches

Friday: Pulled Pork

Saturday: Out

Another week full of yummy foods! Not all of them are the healthiest, but I want my focus to be on portion control so that we can still enjoy some ooey gooey cheesy meals.

Workout Recap:

Yeah, um… remember last week how I said I wanted to report out more than just swimming on Sunday? No dice. I did nothing this week. I managed to hit 10,000 steps on a couple of days but I consider that bonus calories earned, not a workout.

This week, so that I don’t run into the same problem, I’m not going to do a recap, I’m going to tell you today what I will be doing for the rest of the week and then recap it next week too.

Monday: Ellipitcal – Hit the gym bright and early, when the doors first open at 5:30 am.

Tuesday: Spinning after work

Wednesday: Off or Yoga DVD – at home

Thursday: Sweat and Sculpt after work

Friday: Off

Saturday: Spinning

Sunday: Off or Spinning

There yah go, if you know me – feel free to hold me accountable and check-in!

Thanks to Laura for hosting, stop over and visit Mommy Run Fast, and link it up!

Your turn!

What does your Sunday Meal Plan look like this week?

6 Responses to Sunday Meal Plan – Link Up

  1. Hitting 10,000 steps definitely counts! Looks like a great week coming up… lots of variety of workouts. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hi and welcome to What’s for Dinner! I’m Jill, co-host with Laura for the link up. Love the design of your blog.

    Thanks for joining!

  3. Earl-Leigh says:

    I love spinning! I’m in phase two of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit training program on so I wasn’t “allowed” to do cardio for the first month. I’m excited to get my spin-on again! As far as my meal prep this week…I’m making Jamie’s turkey chili.

    • Jillian416 says:

      Spinning is just so much fun! It’s one of those workouts that go by so quickly bc you’re having a blast. Thanks so much for visiting!

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