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Oh yes! It’s Friday and that means it’s My Finds Friday time!

Hi everybody! I’m super excited to be here again, at Friday that is. 🙂 Weekends are always welcomed around here, but it was a pretty good week at work. The busyness continues, but I’m slowly but surely learning how to manage it without causing myself and unneeded level of stress. It feels great to get to this point!

Before I get into My Finds Friday, I wanted to tell you about our first Parent-Teacher Conference yesterday. I realize Emmett is only (almost) 18 months old, and P/T Conferences may seem unnecessary, but I really wanted to go and meet his teacher 1 on 1. Plus, I know they usually share the kid’s art work, and who doesn’t want to see that? It was so much fun! I got to meet his teacher (she’s so great), see his artwork, and she shared his portfolio checklist. This checklist is just something they use to gauge whether kids are developing as they should. There’s no super specific timeline, but it’s good to notice something that’s not occurring, so that you can intervene with help as needed. Anyway, I’m pleased to share that Emmett is doing excellent! He has already met, or surpassed almost every milestone for his age level and he just moved up to this room on January second. I’m such a proud momma!!!


Now, with a huge smile on my face, let’s get to My Finds Friday

  •  This week I came across a really odd (to me) post. This soon-to-be mother writes about how her doctor judged her for wanting to have sex while pregnant. At first glance, you’d likely agree that a doctor shouldn’t judge you for anything, but then as you read the article you find out that there is a health reason for why the woman was advised not to have sex while pregnant. I agree with the woman, in that I don’t think having a child should define you. You don’t have to JUST be a mother, but I disagree at putting your unborn child’s life at risk for any reason. Anyway, check it out – it’s a great read!
  • Next up is an interesting little article on rules that French children know, but American children do not. It gave me something to think about, and there are some really good ideas.
  • I follow Tony Posnanski on Facebook, he’s constantly posting things that make me think, or that are motivational to get my butt moving. Then he shared a link to an article he wrote in November and I was hooked! It’s titled, I Have the Disease Known as ‘Obesity,’ he shares his real-life struggle with obesity and how it never truly goes away. I really love the stuff he writes.
  • We’re still in January and a lot of us are still trying really hard to stick to our intentions. Our Three Peas has a great article on simple ways to keep your house organized.
  • 5 Things Health People Do Everyday Before Work – is a great article with ideas on a few things you can add into your daily morning routine to make you feel your best.

So, I think that about does it for this week’s My Finds Friday. Be sure to share your finds, and link them up below!

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