Munchkin Meals – #6

Happy Munchkin Meals Day!

Munchkin Meals is a link up that Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life created to share what her daughter was eating, I link-up monthly to share what Emmett’s been eating. 

Unfortunately, last month I didn’t get around to posting Emmett’s Munchkin Meals because I just forgot about doing it and then it was too late. I didn’t forget today, though!

For the most part, Emmett continues to be a fantastic eater. If there’s something that we’re eating that he’s not interested in, we continue to offer it to him and eventually he’ll try it and and will usually like it. There are some things that he will perpetually push away, pickles, for instance, which he used to like, he won’t even touch now. However, even in an instance like that, we will still offer it to him, you just never know when he’ll want to eat it again.

There are also some weeks where he’ll refuse everything we make and end up eating a lot of Greek yogurt or sunflower butter and Grandma’s jam sandwiches. If this were the norm, I’d worry but because it happens here and there we allow him to decide what he wants and will actually eat. I can’t complain about Emmett’s eating habits, I sincerely believe that Baby Led Weaning was the way to go. Emmett has been able to feed himself with fully solid foods from the moment he started eating.

So, would you like to see some of the many Munchkin Meals we’ve been feeding Emmett? Yeah, I thought so! 🙂

munchkin-meals-125-1This was one of the first times we gave Emmett eggs, he didn’t really eat much but we have persisted and every weekend morning, we give him eggs and now he loves them. He is particularly fond of baby egg sandwiches! Here are a few other of his breakfast plates.

munchkin-meals-125-5 munchkin-meals-125-3


Yummy banana & pecan waffles made with love by Grandma Patty.

Emmett’s a fan of sweeter foods, because of that we try to keep real sugary foods, like cookies, out of his diet, except for on special occasions. The pancake and waffles in the pictures above are fairly light on the sugar end, but he still LOVED them!

We usually send Emmett to school with lunch, and I’ve forgotten to take any photos of what we’ve sent, but here are a few pics of lunches from the weekends.

munchkin-meals-125-7 munchkin-meals-125-2 munchkin-meals-125And finally, an adorable picture from tonight’s dinner, which was homemade meatloaf, red potatoes and bread-sticks. Emmett loved it!

munchkin-meals-1258Those are just a few of the many many meals we’ve fed Emmett over the past two months. We keep trying to expand his menu, so that he likes all foods, even cucumbers!

munchkin-meals-124-9Your turn!

What were some of your favorite foods as a kid?

What are some of your kids favorite foods?


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  1. YUM! I want to eat all of Emmett’s meals! I’m sorry the link up closed early, but I reopened it, so please come share it now. Your blog looks so pretty- did you redesign it or do I have a bad memory? Either way, I love it! Have great weekend 🙂

    • Jillian416 says:

      Hi Brittany – Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I did just update my blog design. I went live with it on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week (can’t remember, the days all blur together). I absolutely love it!

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