What I Ate Wednesday – #20

It’s definitely What I Ate Wednesday time, again!

Hey there! It’s 5 am and I’m feeling energetic, positive and ready to tackle today. It’s likely to be a busy one at work, so I’m glad that I have this energy now.

Guess how I started my morning? With a cup of coffee, on the porch! For those of you that live in Buffalo (or the surrounding areas), know that we got a decent amount of snow last night and are probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this crazy woman. 🙂 Well, I only spent about 10 minutes outside, took some really pretty pics and then came back in. It’s just too lovely outside to even think of missing it. It is early, so very little of the snow on the ground has been touched (though, our plow guy has already come and gone, whoop whoop), and I just love the look of untouched snow. Plus, it is really light snow and is sitting prettily on the tree branches.
When that happens, I always feel like I’m walking in a winter wonderland. So, yes, I did take a sip of coffee while on the porch, but the rest of it was enjoyed with my butt firmly planted on the couch, under my warm blanket.

I’ve already mentioned it, but here’s my yummy morning coffee.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1127Okay, so I have to admit that I haven’t taken a picture of one single other item of food from today. It’s been a busy day and I didn’t even think to take any photos of my food. I can tell you what I ate, though. Breakfast was my usual hard boiled eggs and avocado, lunch was a chicken sandwich that I grabbed from BK on my way back from getting my oil changed and dinner was pizza with family.

My sister and her family arrived this evening! They flew in around 5:30 and everyone came over for dinner. It was Seamus, Emmett and I, my mom and dad, my brother, and baby sister, and of course, my other sister, her husband and daughter. It was so much fun to have our house full to the brim with people. We ordered pizza from Zetti’s, and spent a wonderful couple hours visiting and watching the babies play. They were really cute with one another, not quite playing together but playing in the same area. So much fun! I can’t wait till Saturday to see them again.

Alright, that’s it for today, folks! Be sure to stop on over to Peas and Crayons and link-up with What I Ate Wednesday.

Your turn!

Do you get snow? Do you love it, like I do?

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