Trader Joe’s – Some of Our Favorites

If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I am deeply in love with Trader Joe’s.

Lucky for me, Trader Joe’s finally made it to Buffalo and opened in early October. I skipped going the first couple of weeks to avoid the crowds but I couldn’t resist any longer and made my first trip towards the end of that month. Since then, we’ve gone several more times and I can now safely admit to having many favorites from TJs. I can ALSO admit that there are only about 3 or 4 items that we have flat out disliked, everything else is so so yummy!

I know some of you are pretty familiar with Trader Joe’s and what an awesome store it is, but for those of you who aren’t, I wanted to share some of my favorites. I’m thinking, from time to time, as I come across new and different items, I’ll share them here, with you. Thoughts?

Okay, now, on to my current list of favorites from Trader Joe’s.


Fair Trade Organic French Roast 

Since I start my day with it every single morning, I figured I better start with my favorite coffee from them, so far. Yum! Like it says on the canister, it is a dark roast, rich, bold and bright. If you like dark roasts this is the one for you. I’ve been making it and drinking it for well over 3 months and have yet to get sick of it.

If you’ve never been to TJs, zeroing in on your favorite coffee is tough. They have about 4 shelves filled with so many different kinds of brews and knowing where to start is near impossible, though, somehow I managed it (yay!).

I typically will set my coffee maker up to make 8 cups at a time (that’s because I have the perfect measurements down for that amount). 🙂 I put in a 1/4 cup, and then an additional 2 tablespoons and it is perfection! Pour that into my cup in the mornings, add a splash of milk and I am good to go!

trader-joe's-favsGarlic Fries 

These are a new find and I’m so glad we came across them. They start out just like normal frozen fries, but you also get a pouch of garlic and butter that you thaw in some warm water. Once the fries are cooked, you dump the pouch over the fries and mix it up. Super yummy (but not super healthy).


Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches 

These are so so so so sooooo good! They don’t really need any further description.


Jumbo Raisin Medley 

These are a favorite of Emmett’s. Seamus and I aren’t really fans of raisins, but since Emmett loves them so much, we keep buying them. They really are huge raisins, and just a small handful at a time suits him just fine.


Dark Chocolate Covered Carmels 

I’ve mentioned these before, in a previous What I Ate Wednesday, but oh my goodness are they good! Since they are dark chocolate it is easy to eat just one and feel satisfied. Honestly, if you’re going to make a trip to TJs, and you plan on buying only one item, buy these!

That’s about it for tonight. I have a ton more favorites, but I’ll share those in future posts. Now get on out to Trader Joe’s and get yourself some delicious food!

And because I love my family so gosh darn much…


We all decided to cram on the couch this evening and cuddle, it was THE best. Emmett only lasted a few minutes, before he was off and running again, but Seamus and I had a wonderful time sitting and watching Baby Doodah play. <3

Your turn!

What are some of your Trader Joe’s favorites?

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