Happy (belated) Halloween!


You have to forgive us, Emmett had shots on Wednesday (4 of them!) and on Thursday he had a fever. Since the fever went over 101, day care called me and needed Seamus or I to come get Emmett. We ended up spending the day cuddling on the couch, reading some books (the same 2 over and over again). Once Emmett had some Tylenol, his fever went down and he was fine. He was still a bit cranky but nothing some momma cuddles and love can’t handle.

I had planned on stopping for Halloween candy on my lunch (yeah, I like to plan ahead), but since I went right home we ended up not turning our lights on and just got Emmett dressed up in his costume for some adorable pics. We tossed around the idea of not even getting him a costume, since we wouldn’t be going out, but in the end, we felt we had to. We needed to have pictures, plus the costume was inexpensive, we really had no reason not to get it.

So it was after much deliberation, that we decided Emmett would be….


Captain America!

happy-halloween-1 happy-halloween-10 happy-halloween-9

This costume was perfect for us and for Emmett! The reason this costume is so fitting is because when I was still pregnant with Emmett we watched the movie Captain America, for some reason Seamus started calling him Captain Doodah. Somehow, that turned into calling Emmett, Baby Doodah (while in my belly), which led to me naming my blog that, so see, it is perfect! If you’re interested in buying your own Captain America Costume, you can buy it here.

happy-halloween-7 happy-halloween-5 happy-halloween-4 happy-halloween-3 happy-halloween-2 happy-halloweenIsn’t that the cutest Captain America you’ve ever seen? I love this kid!

Your turn!

What were you or your kids for Halloween?

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