My Finds Friday

It’s Friday, which means it’s My Finds Friday time!

Hi! Have you checked out my post from yesterday? There’s pictures of my little turkey, love him!

We have had such an amazing Thanksgiving celebration over the last few days, and it continues tomorrow. Wednesday night, my family came over for pizza after picking my sister and her family up at the at the airport, we hung out for a short while and then they headed to my parent’s house for the next couple of days. Then yesterday, Seamus, Emmett and I headed out to CNY to celebrate with Seamus’ parents, what a wonderful time we had! I can’t wait to share all of the details of our visit with them and our celebration of Thanksgiving at my parent’s house (tomorrow night) next week. I really can’t wait to do so! So many wonderful traditions. 🙂



And now, My Finds Friday!

I chose to go without a theme this week, since most of my finds are all over the place and don’t really stick to one topic.

Alright, that’s it for this week’s My Finds Friday, be sure to stop on over and share the love.

Your turn!

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