My Finds Friday – Weekend

My Finds Friday, weekend edition.

Yay, it’s Friday again! I’m so so excited! It has been a really great week, productive and a positive attitude has been around for most of it, but I am so thrilled that the weekend is nearly upon us. That means loads of time with Seamus and Emmett, which is always welcomed. We don’t have any major plans on the agenda for the weekend, but there are a few things that I’d like to get done, namely searching out Christmas decorations.

Last year we didn’t even decorate for Christmas. I was so worn out from having gone back to work and having a 6 month old, plus we had spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at my parent’s house, that I saw no need to decorate. However, this year I am feeling differently! I have to work Christmas Eve, so we we’ll be around the house  that day, plus I’d really like to start some traditions of our own. Emmett is not quite at the age that he’ll remember things, but I want pictures to show him and will tell the story.

Typically when I’ve decorated, it’s just been the tree so I will need to really search out (tasteful) things for the mantle and other areas around the house. I kind of already started when I recently placed an order with Bath & Body Works. I love their soap and every year or so, will place a huge order and just store it and use it as we need it. Since I was placing the order around the holidays, I went ahead and bought festive soaps for both the bathroom and kitchen. They smell so wonderful and are really helping to get the holidays juices flowing.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get to a bunch of different stores and scout out what they have and then buy somethings to decorate. Hopefully, on Monday, when I write my Weekly Wishes, I can share all of the fun things I found while out holiday shopping.

my-finds-friday - weekend

Let’s talk My Finds Friday and the Weekend!

  •  I was SO excited when Emmett got his first toy catalog in the mail in late October, he got one for Toys R Us and also one for Target. He likely doesn’t understand what some things are yet, but he loved looking through it with me, seeing all of the bright colors and he probably recognizes that some of the items in the “book” would be something he’d like. I know everyone knows about these two, but I had to share because of how excited I was when Emmett got them in the mail.
  • I love crafts! I’ve always enjoyed spending my time making something, typically it was always of the jewelry variety (friendship bracelets, earrings, beaded necklaces, etc.) but I am really looking forward to getting into some crafts with Emmett this year. I found a whole Pinterest board, dedicated to easy kid crafts. I’m sure for some of the bigger projects, I’ll be assisting him with everything, but I can’t wait to find some crafts for him!
  • Since this will be the first time ever that I am decorating my entire house for Christmas, I searched out some quick (and especially easy) ways to get your home holiday ready. This article on HGTV is pretty good, just gives you some good guidelines to follow, or a place to start.
  • Lauren from closer to 30 is one of the most amazing blog writers I’ve ever experienced. Her post on how difficult losing or maintaining weight is so well written and I thought it incredibly important to share it with you. Enjoy!
  • One of my favorite blogs of all time, The Nectar Collective, wrote a fantastic post about how she grew her blog. It’s a really smart read and got a lot of wheels turning in my head.

That brings another week of My Finds Friday to an end, want to see previous posts? Click here!

Your turn!

What fun links have you found recently?

Any fun weekend plans on the docket for this weekend?

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