My Finds Friday – Random

Happy My Finds Friday, Random edition!

I don’t have a theme for this week because everything I want to share is all over the place. Plus, Emmett’s been pretty sick with a fever so there hasn’t been much time for surfing the net (as they say). lol

Over the last week, we’ve been to the Pediatrician twice and each time we leave there not knowing what could be causing Emmett’s fever. They armed us with loads of information on how to control his temperature and what could be the potential causes and some things to look out for, but nothing definite. Today when we went, the doctor looked Emmett over from top to bottom, even looking between his toes for blisters (Hand, Foot and Mouth disease) and saw nothing. The one place she did not look was his bottom. I changed him and didn’t notice anything either, so I can’t really blame her but Seamus was peeking to see if E had a poopy butt and noticed tiny spots, we looked closer and it is almost definitely Roseola. During his bath, I noticed his belly is starting to get the spots now too. Ugh!

How Roseola works is, the child gets a fever for a couple days, then the fever breaks and the rash starts up. I wasn’t really clued into his fever breaking because I kept him on a cycle of Tylenol and Ibuprofen all day to keep his temp down (it was 103.2 when he woke up), so it was always in the normal range. However, at some point, it must have gone away on its own because the rash is most definitely there. Everything I’ve read indicates that it is not an itchy rash, so it shouldn’t effect Emmett too much, other than being spotted, which is a good thing. I’ll just give the doctors a call tomorrow, to find out if they need to see him again, I doubt it since it’s a viral infection, and to find out how long it is contagious so that we know when he can go back to day care. Either way, I’m hoping this doesn’t last long, a sick baby is NO fun!


Now, on to My Finds Friday – Random

  •  Holiday time is coming and everyone loves creating those great pictures for their holiday cards. I found this via Pinterest and I’m in love! Christmas Lights Photo Tutorial – Can’t you just picture Baby Doodah being so adorable lit up with some white lights?
  • Most of us are really busy and even the most healthy of people need some convenience food items to snack on. This post by Fed and Fit, shares some Paleo snack items to help get you through the week.
  • If I happen to find some time, I’d love to make these snowman gift tags for my gifts this season.
  • As I get older, savings becomes more and more important, but it’s seems so hard to save and not feel like you’re broke. This is a great post from Money Saving Mom, about how to save and not feel broke.
  • Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls – Holy smokes these look amazing!

Alright folks, those are my “random” finds for the week!

Your turn!

What random finds have you come across this week?

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