Emmett’s First Haircut

Emmett got his first haircut today!

Seamus and I had been tossing around getting Emmett’s haircut for awhile, I even thought that we should do it several weeks back, but then I chickened out. His hair wasn’t falling into his eyes yet and I just wasn’t ready, however over the last 2 weeks it has started to fall into his eyes so I began to prepare myself, it really was time for his first haircut.


I realize this probably sounds super dramatic to some of you, and probably is, but when you have a baby, that baby-phase is so short and you try to treasure every bit about it. When I think about his hair, I think about how it’s been there since his very first breath and how now I’m cutting some of that off. It was inevitable, I’m not into long hair and Seamus isn’t either, but it was tough to accept in the beginning. Thankfully after two weeks of preparing myself, the only tears that showed up today, were Emmett’s and even those were sparse.




According to the hair dresser, he did really well. There was some soothing involved, especially when she pulled out the clippers but overall he was great. He definitely wasn’t sure what was going on but as she trimmed I assured him it was okay. I also would hold his cheeks or neck gently so he felt my touch while she had the scissors close to his head or neck. I was really proud of my boy!

haircut-5 haircut-4

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Miss Janet of Kiddie Cuts & More. Her salon is really phenomenal! You walk in and you are greeted with a quaint and very clean room. She has plenty of toys and books for kids of all ages, and even some magazines for parents. She has 2 carousel animals for children to sit on and then 2 regular seats that she uses for older kids and adults (yes, even adults get their hair cut here, that’s the & more part). She is wonderful, sweet, gentle and very reassuring. I think Emmett would have liked her quite a bit if she weren’t the one cutting his hair. 🙂 We will absolutely be taking him back to her, when it comes time for the next cut.

haircut-12 haircut-10Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, I wanted to save a lock of Emmett’s hair. My mom did this, I’m sure Seamus’ mom did as well, I wanted to do the same. I didn’t even have to say something to Miss Janet, with her first snip, she took a lock of it and put it aside. At the end she took it and taped it to a piece of card-stock that had a few questions on it, that she answered and then handed it to me. I was so impressed by this and it made me love her salon even more.

haircut-2 haircut-1

Now that his hair is cut, I cannot believe how grown-up he looks. There were parts of his face that were beginning to look more like a little boy, not a baby, but he really looks grown-up now. I thought I’d be really sad, but really I’m just excited to watch him grow! Our brains are funny things, especially in emotional situations like these. You end up being better prepared than you realized, which is just fine with me!

haircut-13 haircut

This was a seriously awesome, first hair cut experience! I’m thrilled we found this place, and Miss Janet.

Your turn!

How old was your child when they got their first haircut?

Did you enjoy the experience of having your child’s hair cut?

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