Dear Emmett – 15 Months

Happy 15 months, Emmett!

I love you! Did you know that? I really truly am madly and deeply in love with you. I am so grateful that you are my little boy. family-fun-5 I think our biggest news this month is that you completely self-weaned from breastfeeding on Sunday, 9/29/13. You woke up one morning and really resisted latching but eventually you did it, that night you refused, so you got a bottle of Whole milk. The next morning (Sunday) when I tried to put you on your side to nurse, you pushed back and started crying and got VERY upset. I stopped pushing and determined that you had decided you were done and you haven’t had breast milk since.

Dear Emmett - 15 Months

I had originally set a goal of 18 months in regards to nursing you, with the caveat that if you decided to wean on your own, sooner, I’d go with that. I’m glad you felt safe and secure enough to wean yourself, but I won’t lie, I had a difficult time with it. I had no idea that when you nursed for the last time, that it would BE your last time. I hadn’t relished the moment we had nor did I try and capture any of the memories, because I assumed there would be a next time. I’m definitely not mad or upset with you, it just taught me to begin treating each moment like it could be the last and to enjoy those moments fully. I’m so happy that we had a full 14 months of breastfeeding! apple-picking-12 You’ve spoken your first word…. “Hi!” I’m sure it’s because your dad and I constantly say it to you, whether we walk into a room or find you looking at us, we’ll say “hi.” It is really adorable to hear! Your second word was your favorite fruit, banana! The first time I heard you say it was amazing! It was amazing that my little boy was learning to speak and associate words with objects. When you say the word, you typically say “nana” and have said the full word 1 time. Your dad or I will repeat what you said, only with the full word, to hammer home what you’re learning. We are SO proud of you! Over the past month you’ve said what seem like other words, like “buh-bye” or sometimes you’ll say “momma” but they are not with any regularity (yet) so I’m not sure if you know what they actually mean yet. Either way, you’re growing so fast! Over the last month you have become so much more aware. When we talk to you, you actually seem to know what we’re saying, if we speak in simple direct sentences. You know what “no” means and will typically stop what you’re doing, even if you go right back into it a second later. 😉 We can also ask you to “come here” or ask if you want “up,” and you understand very well. It’s just amazing watching you progress from little baby to toddler boy. dear-emmett-15-months You love making the monkey sound! Anytime we’re watching something on TV and there’s either a picture of a monkey or someone says the word monkey, you start going “oo-oo-oo-ee-ee,” it is so so cute and I just stare at you with a huge smile on my face because you blow me away. You’re also really good at making the cow and doggy sound when prompted, but of course you won’t make any sounds when we see someone new or visit family. Then you get really shy and either hide your face in your dad’s or my shoulder. I don’t mind, I’ll take the snuggle! Oh my goodness! I love this! When you’re getting ready for bed, after you’ve finished your nighttime milk, we have a ritual. I take your bottle and give you your binkie. Then I turn on your sound machine, put your blanket on my shoulder and flip you around to cuddle and rock. Previously, that’s where it would end but now you point towards your stuffed monkey (your “lovey”), once I give him to you, you pull him in close and tuck him under your little chin and then tuck your hand down under your belly. My heart melts every single time this happens and it happens nightly. I LOVE you! dear-emmett-15-months-1 You’ve also become really really aware this week. When we talk to you, it seems as though you are starting to understand and sometimes I know you understand because when I ask you a question you’ll respond by shaking your head (no) or you’ll reach for what it is I’m offering you. It’s really neat to see this recognition occur, you’re becoming such a little boy. I can’t exactly put into words what it feels like when talking to you and seeing your recognition but it is such an incredible thing to see. dear-emmett-15-months-3

Fair warning **TMI**

To round out the month we had what your father and I called “poop-pocalypse 2013.” What a mess! It was early in the morning on a weekday, so I was putting my makeup on and your dad was making our breakfast and you were bopping around the kitchen, like you usually do. Your dad finished what he was doing and grabbed you and took you into your bedroom to get your diaper changed, he pulls down your pants and your diaper overflowed out of the leg hole of your diaper and down your leg. I finished what I was doing and came to help your dad clean you up, you’re at the age where you don’t like to have your diaper changed so we almost always have to hand you something to play with, so I handed you your shoe. When I looked closer at the shoe, there was poop ALL OVER IT! And now, since I’d given it to you to play with, it was all over your hands. AHHHHHH! I took the shoe away, cleaned your hands up and then tossed that shoe and it’s pair right in the trash, I just couldn’t bring myself to clean it. We got you all cleaned up and sanitized and then we walk into the kitchen… There were little baby poop-prints all over the kitchen floor. OMG! It was literally everywhere! It was late, we all need to get to work and school, so I quickly sprayed Lysol everywhere and cleaned it up that way. I just couldn’t leave poop-prints on the floor throughout the day. When your dad got home from work that night, he mopped the whole floor, but my goodness that was the biggest mess you’ve ever made. Hopefully that never happens again! dear-emmett-15-months-2 Alright baby boy, that’s your 15 month update. I am excited to see what else is in store for us!

Your turn!

What were some of the fun things your child did at 15  months?

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