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Love gorgeous, handmade cards? Then check out butteredpaper on Etsy.

Hi readers! I’m super duper excited to introduce you to butteredpaper and their cards. I’ve known Mary, the shop’s owner, for awhile and never knew how creative she was until she posted an example of one of her cards on her Facebook page, the rest is history. I’ve loved her shop since.

My absolute favorite card in her shop is the exact one that I bought. Check it out below!! Isn’t it the cutest?? I just need to decide who is lucky recipient is. butteredpaper butteredpaper 1Mary’s designs are bright, colorful and completely unique. They are not like cards that you’ll see in the “big box stores,” which is what makes them so appealing to me. On top of that, the quality is out of this world! The cards are printed on thick glossy card stock and the printing is perfect. It looks almost as if Mary hand drew each and every card. They’re stunning!

Have I shared butteredpaper’s adorable branding stamp? No? Well check this out! It’s an adorable shaped toast with what looks like a smear of butter. The best part? Mary created it herself! I remember seeing pics of her working on it on Facebook. It turned out adorable and I think it’s fantastic that she has completely branded everything herself, it speaks to her creativity. butteredpaper 2 butteredpaper 3 I’m telling you, if you need cards (and who doesn’t at this time of year), check out butteredpaper’s designs and buy up her stock. Your card will arrive to you safely and in perfect condition, I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

What better time of year to buy cards, then during holiday time. Mary wants you to feel the love! She’s offering my readers 15% off any purchase of $6 or more with the coupon code LOVEJILLIAN. The coupon code is good until February 28, 2014, be sure to stop on over and check out her shop and order something cute (it’s impossible not to)!

Your turn!

Be sure to share your butteredpaper finds in the comments below.

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**Disclaimer: I was not provided any goods or services for this review, I purchased a card from butteredpaper on my own. All opinions are my own!

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