What I Ate Wednesday – #16

Holy cow! We’re on our 16th What I Ate Wednesday! That’s impressive!

First off, let me admit immediately that this was a really crappy food picture day. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of anything I ate, I ended up with a shot of my coffee and a shot of my dinner. Whoops! BUT to make up for my lack of food pics, I’ll share a really cute picture of Emmett. Deal? Great!

So what’s been going on in our household?

We all went back to work and school this week and it actually hasn’t been too bad. I’ve missed Emmett like crazy but overall it hasn’t been terrible. I got right back into the swing of things at work and got caught up quickly (love when I can do that). The past three evenings have just been wonderful! Emmett’s been in (mostly) super cute moods, cuddly and wanting to read. Three of my favorite things! He’s still obsessed with flap books, loves opening them, closing them, and then pointing to them. It’s adorable, and I love the fact that it is becoming repetitive because he’s learning words that way (just wish the story was more exciting 😉 ).

Today was tough, Emmett had his 15 month doctor’s appointment, he’s growing just fine, no worries there, it was just all the shots he needed to get. He needed 4 shots and a finger prick. We got behind in his shots because he had a couple of ear infections at his last appointments, and the doctor didn’t want to give him the shots while he was ill, so they did them all today. Oh my goodness! I have NEVER seen Emmett so upset, it broke my heart. Seamus held him and the nurse did 2 shots in each arm and it seemed like it took forever. He got so upset, he couldn’t catch his breath, I was so worried he was going to hyperventilate. Thankfully after it was all over he came home a very cute boy!

Onto the food!

Breakfast was my typical breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, 1 egg, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a slice of cheese. Super yummy and super filling (that’s why it sticks around)! I also had this delicious cup of coffee…

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030I’ve still been making the Trader Joe’s Fair Trade, French Roast, it’s so so good with just a splash of milk.

Lunch was on the road. I had to run and get Emmett from day care for his doctor’s appointment so I just had a couple of slices of leftover pizza. It was Little Caesar’s and it was really good! I skipped a snack because I was still feeling pretty full from lunch and I was really busy with work stuff.

Dinner was a quick and easy Mexican pizza, it’s a Wegmans recipe and so delicious. They really know what they’re doing! I recommend making this tomorrow and then many more times after that.

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030-2And finally, that adorable picture of Emmett that I promised you. Are you ready!? Here it comes…

what-i-ate-wednesday-1030-3I love this boy! So deeply in love. This was a shot that I grabbed at the zoo last week (I know, I still owe you a post from that).

Alright folks, that’s all I have for tonight. Enjoy your evening and be sure to link up your What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite eats from the past week?

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