Munchkin Meals – #5

Holy moley! Time for Munchkin Meals again!

Munchkin Meals is a link up that Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life created to share what her daughter was eating, I link-up monthly to share what Emmett’s been eating. 

I cannot believe that it’s time to share what Emmett’s been eating for the past month. We’ve had our ups and downs with food, some days he eats really well and others he’s very picky. When he’s picky he goes on kicks where he’ll only eat one type of food at a time. Over the past month he was really into bread and other carbs, pasta, rice, etc and then there was a span of time where he was really into apples. I can’t lie, there are times when I worry that he’s not eating enough or eating too much of one food, but I try to remind myself that he’s eating what he needs and that he won’t starve himself. Sure enough, within a few weeks he goes back to his old eating ways, which includes anything and everything.

So what HAS Emmett been eating for his Munchkin Meals this month?

For breakfasts he’s been eating the same thing since he’s been eating a real breakfast. Yogurt, a banana, dry cheerios and a cup of whole milk. I know that I get really bored of the same breakfast over and over again, but this kid LOVES this breakfast. He gets really excited when he sees me packing up his bag for day care.

munchkin-meals-2Emmett is really into sweet things, so as a treat this past weekend Seamus made pumpkin pancakes. They were really really good! We obviously had to include some raisins and apples too, they complemented each other perfectly.

munchkin-meals-103-5 munchkin-meals-103-4 munchkin-meals-103-6Lunches always vary, but are often leftovers of what we had for dinner the night before. Like today, he took some leftover pasta and meatballs and he always gets a serving of raisins and some sort of fruit or veggie. Today was some baby carrots. He probably only eats a few bites but I will always offer that healthy food, so that he realizes it is a permanent fixture in his diet.

Tomorrow his lunch includes today’s leftovers, homemade potato latkes that Seamus made (they were awesome). some chicken sausage from the sausage guy at the farmer’s market (Yes, I do realize how that sounds – lol), raisins and some cut up apple. He devoured tonight’s dinner, so I’m assuming he’ll polish it off again at day care.

Dinner’s also always vary, but his most recent favorite has been the Mexican Pizza that Seamus found a recipe for, on Wegmans. It’s a really easy quick meal for a weeknight, we make it pretty frequently for just that reason. If you like Mexican and you like quick meals, check out the linked up recipe!

munchkin-meals-103 munchkin-meals-103-1 munchkin-meals-103-3We keep trying to advance Emmett’s palate, so that he’s always willing to try new and interesting foods throughout his life. I’m hoping next month to have some pictures of some new foods we’ve given Emmett to try.

Your turn!

What some of your child’s favorite Munchkin Meals? 

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