Some Housekeeping & Other Updates

Some blog housekeeping!

Hello readers! I thought that I’d take some time and give you some updates about the Baby Doodah blog. First up, on the right hand column, under the heading “Like My Blog? Please Vote!” You will see two separate icons one for Mommy HotSpot and one for Picket Fence Blogs, every time you click on those buttons, you help increase Baby Doodah’s ranking on each of those sites. As my blog ranking increases, more people will see my blog and hopefully stop by for a visit. You can click on each of those icons DAILY and from multiple devices daily. There’s no pressure to vote, however, if you do enjoy reading what I have to say and want to help me out, click those buttons daily. Don’t worry, there’s no sign-up or registration necessary, and you will never need to enter an email address. Every click helps, I appreciate it!

Next up – I’m going to be getting a blog makeover. I will be working with the talented Melyssa from Bumble + Buzz Design and I am so so excited! It probably won’t be changing for another month or so, but things are in the works behind the scenes and I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you. If you’re looking for a new look, I highly recommend Melyssa. We’ve been working together for about 3 weeks and she’s been phenomenal. Any time I’ve contacted her, she almost immediately gets back. It’s a relief to have found someone who genuinely cares for her customers.

Thirdly (and finally) – You may notice things start to get a bit more personal around these parts. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m taking the Everyday Happy e-course, which is leading me to take a real hard look at some aspects of my life. I want to share some of that with my readers and I’m hoping you will find value in what I type. I just don’t want you to be surprised when you start seeing posts like the one I put up earlier.

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  1. Melyssa says:

    AHH Jillian this post makes me SO happy! I am so truly glad that you’ve enjoyed working together so far! I really can’t wait to create something gorgeous with you! And YAY for you being in Everyday Happy as well. You are just a superstar and that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

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