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I thought it would be great to share some Fall recipes on this week’s My Finds Friday.

Who doesn’t love Friday? Not me! I adore Friday. Especially, a Friday before a week’s vacation. I am so excited to have next week off to relax, watch TV, blog, read, nap and be with my family. It is going to be heaven!

It’s been a pretty good week, a little bit of stress here and there and one crappy day, but overall it was a good week. Yesterday, I did my first CrossFit workout and it was AWESOME! It was super difficult but afterward I felt so bad ass. I worked myself like I’d never been worked before and I sweat more than I’d ever sweated in an hour. I was soaked afterward, but I was so proud of myself and my mood was soaring! I’ll be going back. 🙂 In case you’re interested, I went to CrossFit Amherst. I highly recommend them, if you live in this area, or are just visiting and need a box to workout in.


On to today’s My Finds Friday – Recipes.

I had a hard time deciding what this week’s focus should be because there’s been a lot going on with me. In the end, I decided on recipes because I’ve “liked” and “pinned” a bunch, plus it’s the time of year for cooking an baking. What better place to share them, than here!?

 Here. We. Go.

  • The first recipe up is one inspired by my CrossFit workout yesterday, Paleo Chicken Tortilla-less Soup. Many CrossFit athletes follow a Paleo diet, which excludes grains, hence why this is called Tortilla-less soup. Doesn’t that sound delicious?
  • These sound like an awesome replacement for the ClifBars I’ve been taking almost daily, PB and Fruit Protein Balls. When I have my coffee in the morning, I just love having something sweet to go along with it, these would work perfectly.
  • Pancakes! I bug Seamus to make pancakes almost every Sunday but we always skip making them because they’re either too involved or take too many ingredients. You’d think that wouldn’t be an issue, but we have a kitchen with VERY limited counter space, so making a recipe with many ingredients is tough. These OMG. Pancakes! Sound delicious and fairly easy to make. And PS: they’re Paleo!
  • Completely and utterly unhealthy, but these sound amazeballs. Crispy Fried Goat Cheese – I don’t think they need much more description then their title. Mmmm!
  • And of course, soup. What would Fall be without soup?? My personal favorite is this Baked Potato Soup Recipe that I shared last week. Seamus made it for us a couple weeks back, it was fantastic and made really amazing leftovers.

Alright, that’s it, some of my favorite recipes from the last week.

Your turn!

Share your recipes in the comments below, or link-up!

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