My Finds Friday – Autumn

It’s time for My Finds Friday, Autumn edition.

Happy Friday everyone, I’m very happy that it’s here. Fridays mean the weekends and fun with my two favorite men! This has been a pretty great week, things at work are stressful but Emmett is continuing to grow and change and being able to watch him do that amazes me and makes me happy. Last week, he was pretty cuddly, wanting to sit with me and play with the iPad to learn his ABCs, where this week has been the complete opposite, he’s preferred to sit alone (even with me on the floor and him on the couch – lol). I don’t mind, I know he’s growing and changing and besides, I still get to watch him play. Watching him play, is as important as cuddling because every single little thing that he does, amazes me. 🙂

I decided to go with an Autumn theme for this week since we are in the midst of all the exciting Autumn activities. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love this season and I find it even MORE exciting with a toddler because now all of those activities that I enjoyed doing alone or with Seamus, I get to involve a toddler who has yet to experience any of it. I’ll be seeing it all for the first time, through his eyes. So very exciting!

I thought that instead of sharing all sorts of blog posts this week, that I would also share some of the activities that Baby Doodah will likely be partaking in with us. I hope that you enjoy.


My Finds Friday – Autumn

  • I absolutely love traditions and am excited to start a few with Emmett this year. If you’re looking for more ideas or just to start some of your own, check out this article on Daily Mom, Fall Traditions Bucket List.
  • Apple picking! We will be going apple picking one of these weekends. We haven’t decided where yet, but we will absolutely be getting some delicious fresh apples directly off the tree and I cannot wait. Plus, just imagine the picture opportunities that will be created just by doing this as a family.
  • We will also likely be going to a pumpkin patch. I really would like to go to Pumpkinville this year. Last year we went to a different patch, and while we had fun, I’d like to try something new and create different memories.
  • I’d also like to take a ride out to Letchworth State Park or “the Grand Canyon of the East” as it is often referred to. The views here are breathtaking and I really want to share that with Emmett.
  • And finally – If you’re a blogger, you know how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is. Well Google is revamping it’s algorithm, check out this post that describes some of the changes.

Your turn!

What are some of your Autumn traditions?

What were some of your Autumn traditions growing up?

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