200th Post – A Celebration of 200 Posts!

Readers! Can you believe it? This is my 200th post!

When I started this blog over a year ago, I had no idea how long I would stick with it or how many topics I’d have to write about. I’d started 2 or 3 blogs before this one and they didn’t go anywhere. I’d post frequently for a good couple of months but I would lose steam, or rather things to write about. I’d become uninspired and wonder if anyone found what I was writing to be of any interest. Then I had a baby, and realized there was so much that I wanted to document from his life for myself and for others. I knew I wasn’t the first mom to go through any of these things but I was hoping to share some experiences that aren’t normally shared widely by other moms.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog and I’ve loved every minute of it. There have been times when I run low on ideas or just don’t feel like sitting down to type, but after taking a few days off, I always come back ready to write and full of ideas. It feels so good to have an outlet for all things mom and life related, and I’m so thrilled to have an audience to share it all with.

One of my favorite moments of our first day together.

I thought for my 200th post I’d share some of my favorite posts since I began and some of my favorite photos.


Obviously, one of my favorite posts was the very first one, how the name Baby Doodah came to be.

picture picture-4

Every month since Emmett’s been 4 months old, I write a letter to him, titled Dear Emmett. In them, I describe what we’ve done and how he’s grown. I plan on continuing this until he’s at least 2, and then switching to quarterly or so.


I definitely don’t know everything, but I love to share what I’ve learned as a new mom so that maybe I can help others through feelings they may be struggling with.


I had a blast doing The Color Run, this past Summer.


Emmett’s first birthday was a ton of fun! And of course, I loved recounting my memories from Emmett’s actual day of birth.

7-months-8 7-months-5

Your turn!

What have been some of  your favorite posts over the past 200?


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