My Finds Friday – Sleep

Sorry this is a day late… The Doodah Household has been trying to fight the stomach virus. 

This week’s My Finds Friday is brought to you by sleep.

I’m tired, really really tired this week. I don’t really have a reason for why I am so sleepy, but it has been a tough week working to keep myself awake. My sleep hasn’t changed, I’m still going to bed around 10 or 10:30 and getting up at 4:45, but getting myself up and keeping myself awake has been a constant struggle. Just one of those weeks, I suppose.


 This week’s finds:

  •  I’m always trying to find ways of fitting more into my day and always remark to myself that if I didn’t have to sleep I’d have 7 more hours each day. Unfortunately, that is not a possibility but it does seem like there are ways to get less sleep and still feel energized. This article on Daily Mail about sleeping better by sleeping less, is really interesting and  has given me some food for thought. It is an older article, came out in January of this year, but I’m still thinking of trying some of what they’ve suggested.
  • Monica from Run Eat Repeat has a great giveaway going on for a Moving Comfort Sprint Tee and Sprint Tech Skort. New workout clothes are always so motivating, check out her giveaway and enter to win.
  • offers some really great tips on getting a better nights sleep.
  • I found a couple new blogs this week, one of them is called The Happy Type, and I’m seriously in love with it! So many positive and uplifting articles, which is just what I need right now. Crystal recently posted a receipt for an Orange Banana Smoothie, it sounds amazing! I cannot wait to give it a try.
  • Another new, AWESOME, positive find is The Nectar Collective. I was doing a Google search and Melyssa’s blog came up as a top result in that search, sadly I cannot remember what I was specifically looking for, I just know that her blog is fantastic. It is beautiful to look at, her posts are always upbeat and positive and she seems to have this amazing sense of community and helping others. I’m so thrilled that I found her and that I get to share her blog with you. Please stop on over and give her some love!

I hope that you’ll visit one or all of the sites above. I take great care in choosing who I feature each week and find each article, blog or post very valuable and motivational.

Your turn!

What great websites or finds have you found this week?

What advice do you have to make the most out of sleep?

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  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks so much for the love!! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog and if you make the smoothie recipe let me know!

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