Happy Blogiversary, Baby Doodah!

Happy Blogiversary to Baby Doodah!

Yep! That’s right, Baby Doodah is officially 1 year old and what an amazing year it has been. Truthfully, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I’ve started numerous blogs, all of which got off to a great start and then fizzled out. Not this time, though. And I’m so happy for that! I’ve easily stayed motivated to write for Baby Doodah because I have a deep passion for sharing what I’ve learned as a new mom, showing how Emmett has grown and also sharing all of my ups and downs with diet and exercise. I hope my readers have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy all I’ve had to say. I thought, to celebrate, I would share what some of my favorite posts and pictures from the past year have been.

Of course, one of my favorite articles has to be my very first post, where I explain how the name Baby Doodah came to be. blogiversaryEvery mother’s favorite day of their child’s life is their day of birth, I had so much fun recounting my memories of that day!

One of my favorite moments of our first day together.

One of my favorite moments of our first day together.

Those first few days, weeks and months with a new baby can really be a struggle. I took some time and shared my tips for new moms. I believe that there are so many unexpected events of being a mom and that you’re never truly prepared for and I want to share what I’ve learned with others. new-mom---feelingsI had a ton of fun at The Color Run this summer and shared all my colorful fun with the blog community!


I’m not even going to choose one, all of my Dear Emmett’s hold a very special place next to my heart.


Learning about the woman behind the blog! This was one of those really fun posts where you get to share all about yourself. So many times you wonder what the author of a blog is like, this helped my readers get to know me.

You know what else was really exciting? When I found out that I was chosen to write for Skinny Mom. I was so so thrilled and couldn’t wait to share with all of my readers. And speaking of, you should check out some of my articles that I’ve written, I have quite a few posted now.

Oh yeah! I also had SO much fun sharing the escapades of Emmett’s first birthday party.

blogiversary-4blogiversary-5What can you expect from Baby Doodah in the coming year? More of the same and a few new ideas, topics and designs. I’m so excited to celebrate this milestone with all of you and even more thrilled to see what will unfold in the next 365 days!

Your turn!

Help Baby Doodah celebrate our first blogiversary! What were some of your favorite posts from the past year?


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