Dear Emmett – 14 Months

Happy 14 months baby boy!! 14-months-7

Once again another month has zoomed by and you just continue to grow and grow! I definitely don’t mind, I love watching how much you grow and change on a daily basis. It is just unbelievable that you’re 14 months!

Right around the start of the month you began actually communicating with us. You aren’t yet using words, but you’ve gotten really good at the signs that we’ve taught you. It all started one Saturday morning, we were all playing and you got up and walked to the kitchen door. I asked you what you wanted and you started doing the sign for milk. I then asked if you wanted milk and you lifted your little hand up and did the sign faster and with a huge smile on your face. I went to the kitchen, got your sippy and filled it with milk and gave it to you. You were so excited! You definitely seemed thrilled that you had been able to communicate with me what you actually wanted, it was such an awesome moment.


We bought you your first pair of shoes AND you lost your first pair of shoes. You wore them out with me when we went for our walk, and as soon as we got home I took them off and set them on the floor. For some reason you really love shoes and picking them up and placing them on your hands, so as soon as I took them off they were on your hands. You were bopping around the house, like you usually do, but when it came time to put the shoes back on to go out, one was missing and we still can’t be find it to this day (almost a month later). It’s in the house somewhere, we just don’t know where. We’ll find it someday, maybe when you’re 5. 😀


Your paternal grandparents got you a bike trailer for you birthday and this month you went on your longest ride with me, 10 whole miles. You did awesome, too! We went for a ride with momma’s friends down to water, on the ride down you fell asleep but woke up once we arrived. We got out and you had some milk and I had coffee with my friends. The way back was just as easy, you fell asleep about 20 minutes in and slept the entire way. We had so much fun! I’m really hoping we can get one more ride like that in before the really cold weather starts.


You’re not exactly a cuddly baby, you like to be held and hugged, but it has to be on your terms so the first time you climbed into your daddy’s lap with a book, was the most precious thing. In your playroom you have a bookshelf all to yourself, filled with all different kinds of kid’s books, you love to grab one, walk over to your dad, hand him the book and then climb into his lap for him to read it to you. I’m thinking they must read books like that at day care, or maybe it was just a spontaneous thing, either way it’s adorable!


We also moved you into a new day care this month, it was a really tough decision for your dad and I to make, but it has turned out to be the right one. The first few weeks were very rough for you, being dropped off seemed like torture because you’d cry and cling to me any time I tried to put you down. You’ve been there just about a month and you no longer cry or cling when I leave you in the mornings. When we walk in you now wriggle to get down and once down run over to your cot with your monkey and throw him on the bed (the sight of this melts my heart). I’m so glad you’ve adjusted, the ride for us has dropped almost a total of an hour off of our morning and evening commutes, we get home earlier, with more time for play or exercise.


In the mornings, when we enter your room, we always warn you that we’re going to turn on the light. You seem to have kind of caught on to what that means and try to cover your eyes. The other thing I love doing with you in the mornings is asking you where your binkie is. I’ll look at you and say, Emmett where’s your binkie? I’ll put my arms out like you would if you were asking a question and you’ve begun to mimic me. When I ask the question, you know what’s coming and put your hands out, like you are asking me where it is. Seriously, I’m not sure you could get any cuter!


You’ve also learned how to shake your head, no, in response to some things your dad or I ask you. It’s cute now, but I’m sure down the line it will give us trouble. 😉 You’re also big into say “uh oh” when you drop something, or if something is just laying on the floor. You love to look at it, sometimes you point, but you’ll always say, “uh oh.” Cute stuff!

We made these yummy Mexican pizzas and gave you black olives for the first time. I was skeptical and assumed you would not like them but I was SO wrong. You absolutely LOVED them! We only used about half the can on the pizzas and you finished the rest with your dinner, that’s how much you liked them. I keep forgetting to get you more when I shop on the weekends.


Your dad and I have really limited your screen-time when it comes to all things, including TV, our phones, my iPad, etc. We decided before you were even born that you wouldn’t watch TV until you were two and we’ve done pretty well in sticking to that. You’ve maybe seen a total of 3 hours of TV over the past 14 months. We do occasionally allow football on Sundays and cartoons on Saturdays, but it’s a treat not the norm. We did however, relax a little on our essential ban of the iPad. I downloaded a few educational apps and you play them, but only if your dad and I are with you. The first time you played, you sped through the alphabet but as you have learned how the app works, you now wait for each letter and the picture to show up before swiping it away. It sometimes amazes me how smart you can be


Alright, my little love-bug,  I hope you know how much you are loved, each day it grows more and more. Until next month, I love you!

Your turn!

What do you remember from when your child was 14 months olds?

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