What I Ate Wednesday – #11

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Yes, this is a day late and for that I apologize. 🙁 I have just been very tired this week, yesterday after Emmett was in bed, I took my make-up off and fell asleep on the couch until quarter after ten when Seamus came and woke me up. My schedule has been the same for months, so I have no idea why I’m so tired this week but it has definitely hit me. I’m still feeling pretty tired today, hopefully I can use the weekend to catch up on some deep, delicious sleep.

I tried something new today, normally I don’t start drinking my water until 9 or so, instead I started drinking it on my ride into work. Prior to yesterday, I would have two cups of coffee and that’s it. I was often feeling hungry as soon as I got to work, even though I had just finished eating a homemade (filling) breakfast sandwich. I now realize that what I was thinking were hunger pains were actually my stomach and head working together to tell me I was thirsty. (You can read an article I wrote about how you can tell the difference between hunger and thirst.)


Breakfast was my typical sandwich of whole wheat English muffin, 1 scrambled egg and a slice of American Cheese. And, as usual, I forgot to take a picture of it. Seamus makes it and I literally grab it and scarf it down on my ride in, so there’s really no opportune moment for a pic.

But that’s okay because I did manage to get pics of everything else. First up was my delicious cup of coffee! I’ve been crushing hard on Trader Joe’s Fair Trade coffee. This stuff is outstanding! I don’t need a single sweetener and only add a splash of half & half. This particular coffee is so dark and rich and it’s so wonderful to just sit back and enjoy a cup.


I’ve also been crushing pretty hard on Clif Bars, which were my morning snack. My favorites so far are the chocolate chip and the crunchy peanut butter. They’re not the cheapest of bars but the ingredient list is pretty decent and they’re super filling. They’ll stick around for awhile until I get bored with them, like every other bar I’ve tried.


Lunch was a yummy salad! A mix of Boston and Romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, blue cheese crumbles, ham and chicken and then topped with Ken’s Light Honey Mustard dressing. I was also freezing, so I grabbed a cup of soup from the cafeteria, Italian Wedding Soup, it was REALLY good.




I skipped an afternoon snack and had a decaf coffee instead. It wasn’t really that good, though. I really like strong coffee but this almost had a burnt taste to it, which is no good.

what-i-ate-wednesday-926-4Dinner was pizza from Zetti’s. We were supposed to have fresh Polish sausage but I had been craving pizza all day, so that’s what we went with. It wasn’t bad, but not great.

what-i-ate-wednesday-926-2Alrighty, That’s it for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Your turn!

What were your favorite eats from the past week?

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