My Finds Friday

On a day to day basis, I find or read things that I find enjoyable/informational/useful and I almost always will Tweet it, Facebook it or Pin It, but one thing I haven’t done is share some of my favorites right here on my blog. Silly me! My goal is to share out some of these articles in a new series that I’m calling, “My Finds Friday. ”

(These are in no particular order.)

  • Everyone loves a giveaway and this one is particularly awesome because it’s for KIND bars and I love KIND bars. They’re a super healthy, filling and completely delicious! Check out Oatmeal after Spinning, who is sponsoring this giveaway, it expires on Monday Aug 5th, head there now!
  • I’m a pretty honest and direct person, I’m not good at sugar coating things and often I speak before I think. This leads to me saying things that not everyone agrees with, when one of Dana Sitar’s recent blog posts, “It’s Hell Being a Sinner” I fell in love. In the article she talks about the sensitivity to words and how they may come across to others, this is what hit home with me. I am always saying that words are just words, that WE put the negative (or positive) meanings to them. Whether you agree or not, check out her blog, she has a lot to say and it’s a good read.
  • If you often wonder why you’re not reaching your fitness or weightloss goals, you may be making some mistakes. Check out 6 Fitness Mistakes Keeping You From Your Goals.
  • One of my favorite all around blogs is, Carrots ‘N’ Cake. When I’m looking for a dose of motivation whether it be for food or exercise, I quickly jump on her blog, I can find both there.
  • I don’t know about you, but right about now the clothes in my closet start looking stale and I start wanting to shop. Like most people, however, I’m on a budget so I have to be careful about what I spend, enter the blog, Outfit Posts. I have seriously saved at the very least, 50 of her outfit posts. She has inspired me time and time again and I want you to have access to that inspiration.

And finally a very cute picture of my baby boy!

My-Finds-FridayNow it’s your turn…

What information or posts have you found helpful this week?

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  1. Dana Sitar says:

    Thanks for including my post here! Glad you liked it — and happy to know I’m not alone.

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