Munchkin Meals #2

I’m on my porch as I write this week’s edition of Munchkin Meals, because the evening is absolutely beautiful in WNY, problem is I only have 18% battery left so I’m typing fast. 😛 It’s one of those nights where you wish the evening light would just last and last, it’s one of those nights where if I were back in college I would be out roaming around Elmwood, enjoying the weather and being surrounded by the people. Well, I’m about 10 years old (and wiser…maybe), a wife and mother, so instead I’m on my porch. I’m okay with this, I’m feeling happy and settled today, it’s a good feeling, one I hope lasts!

Okay, back to what Emmett ate…

For breakfast he had some Strawberry Banana Chobani, a mixture of strawberries and blueberries and a locally grown plum. He devoured almost the entire container of yogurt, all of the blueberries and some of the strawberries (I think they were a bit on the tart side).

munchkin-mealsmunchkin-meals-11munchkin-meals-2I am so much better at making sure that Emmett has a well balanced, healthy meal. I always put his needs WAY ahead of mine, I should probably start making our needs equally important.

Anyhow, his lunch was pretty basic but he definitely acted like it was so delicious. A PB&J on a plain bagel and a delicious locally grown peach.

munckin-meals-10 munckin-meals-9

I keep mentioning that much of our fruit is locally grown because I love shopping (and supporting local) and also the taste of the fruit is out of this world. There is rarely a time when I shop at Wegmans (or any other grocery store) that I find the produce looks or tastes as good as something from the farmer’s market.

At day care and on Wednesdays, Emmett usually has a snack. It typically will consist of a couple crackers or biter cookies and a sippy of water. Apparently I wasn’t moving quickly enough for my little cookie monster!

He got through about 4 bites of cookie before I interrupted his fun, I’m a party pooper, but he’s a little cutie.

Dinner was a yummy daddy made cheeseburger, more blueberries and some french fries. Nothing fancy, but Emmett loved it!

munckin-meals-7 munchkin-meals-4We started giving Emmett whole milk this past Monday, we are slowly working to wean him off of breastmilk. So far so good, he still nurses twice and I pump once on weekdays.

munchkin-meals-5What a yummy day Emmett had!

Question of the Day:

What yummy foods have you made for you kids this week?

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