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As parents and busy individuals, I think we are always looking to fit in more activity into our day, but with a demanding job, family and friends, it is often hard to move enough. Enter, The Magic Path of Yoga!


The Magic Path of Yoga is a board game for individuals ages 6 years and up, where the object is to get you active and moving by performing different yoga poses. For those of you who are competitive, this will encourage you to get moving just by wanting to win the game. The only way to win? By getting to the OM square in the center of the game.


When UpsideDown games contacted me, I was super excited to try their product. After a bit of research I learned that it was an active game, one that would hopefully get me off the couch and would also allow me to get my family involved. Technically Emmett doesn’t fall into their age requirements, but he is firmly in the mimicking phase and loves doing whatever I do.

magic-path-of-yoga-4The premise of the game is for two people (or two teams) to roll the dice, land on a color and pick a card of that color. On the card is a yoga pose that you (or your entire team) need to perform correctly. If performed correctly you get to keep your card, if not, it goes back in that color’s pile. If you get one of each color card, you get to move to a jump square which leads to the center of the board, where the OM is located. As mentioned earlier, the first one to the center OM wins. What a great concept!

magic-path-of-yoga-1I have always loved board games, and some of my favorite memories from childhood are playing Monopoly or another board game as a family. Looking back, I would have loved to have this game, to have my family broken up into two teams and having my parents perform the different moves with us. I can’t even imagine my parents doing the moves! It makes me giggle just thinking about it. It would have been SO MUCH FUN! I’m excited to bring this to dinner parties, where my friends and I can all play together and get a light workout, while having a great time.


From the moment I opened the game, I was wowed! The box, board and cards are all bright and colorful and very well made. The game board and all other pieces are very sturdy, it is a game that will last.

magic-path-of-yoga-6I cannot wait until Emmett is a bit older and can actually play against me or Seamus. This is such a fantastic game!

Now, here’s the best news:

UpsideDown Games wants to give one lucky reader a copy of the game! All you need to do is comment below on why you would like to win the game.

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Contest ends 8/26/2013 at 9 PM, EST, and I will announce a winner on Tuesday 8/27/2013 after 9 PM.

Good Luck!

UpsideDown Games supplied me a copy of the game for review, but as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

8 Responses to Magic Path of Yoga – {Giveaway}

  1. adie says:

    This game looks like so much fun! I love board games, and a game that also gets you moving would be a great addition to the collection! I’ve been looking for an easy intro to yoga, this might help 🙂

  2. This looks like a fun way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Camilla Søe says:

    My adorable class for children with special needs would love to win this game 🙂 they just started school and they make such an effort to do yoga with me three times a week and how lovely would it be to surprise them with this game. They would absolutely love it 🙂

  4. A yoga game – How cool! I would love to win this game to use it with my family and in my kids yoga classes because it is a different yet fun way to create sequences of poses for us to do together!

  5. Jen Mueller says:

    Camps, classes . . . that game would get a lot of use!

  6. Jen Mueller says:

    I tweeted. Thanks.

  7. jen proudman says:

    Hi! I’d love to win this amazing game! I’m a kids yoga teacher and would have so much fun using this during the game portion of my classes! What a brilliant idea – LOVE IT!

  8. Hello,
    I work for a non-profit agency that serves children with autism and developmental disabilities. I am a certified children’s yoga instructor and we have recently started offering yoga classes to children with autism to increase their social awareness skills, as well as teaching them coping and stress management all through the use of yoga while incorporating games, music, and books. We have very limited funds and so we rely on the goodness of others to help with supplies and different teaching aids. This board game would be a wonderful addition to our classes and I think the kids would really enjoy a “game day” during our 10 week class rotation. I also like that you have cards and a booklet because the children that we have in our groups always seem to do better with visual aids, the parents also enjoy that aspect, so they can go home and use the skills taught in class.
    Thank you!!!

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