Life Hacks

I believe as moms and busy individuals, we are always looking for a quicker, safer, better way to do things. As I’ve gotten busier over the last year, caring for another human being, I’ve looked for ways to make things easier on myself and I wanted share some of my favorite life hacks here.

My Top Life Hacks

  1. We love berries in my house, every week I buy strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. The thing is, we weren’t getting through them all in a week and I was starting to just throw them out, if I purchased them on Sunday by the following Friday there was mold growing in them. We were wasting SO much money in produce, enter the vinegar bath! I found the Food Lush article one day when I was randomly scouring the internet for a way to stop the growth of mold, I tried it after the next shopping trip and I can tell you it really TRULY works! I currently have blueberries and strawberries in the fridge from last Sunday’s shopping trip and they are free from mold and still taste amazing.I know you might be wondering whether you can taste the vinegar after you’ve washed the berries in the vinegar/water solution. Absolutely not! The mixture is so diluted that after a quick rinse, you can’t taste a thing but the delicious berry taste.
  2. More berry hacks! As mentioned above, we love berries but there is nothing more frustrating than cutting off the stem of a strawberry and losing so much of the fruit or having the hard crunchy part left behind. Try using a straw, you push it through from the bottom and it pops the stem right and any crunchy part right off. Easy peasy! 
  3. I always buy lettuce, I’ll have a salad or two but the lettuce gets gross and slimy in just a few days. I went on a hunt for a way to keep lettuce fresher longer. Try this – wash and thoroughly dry your lettuce, lay a paper towel on the bottom of the container you’re putting the lettuce in, put the lettuce in and then lay another piece on top. This works! My lettuce lasts so much longer, but check out this post on, the lettuce in her pics is 2 weeks old and it looks fresh from the store.
  4. Tis the season for iced coffee, but stopping to buy it every single day can get pricey. Making it at home is much more affordable, but making it in the morning  and pouring hot coffee over ice just makes it watered down and taste lousy. Try making coffee ahead of time, pouring into an ice cube tray and freezing for the next morning. This way, as the “ice” melts, it not watering your cup of Joe down.
    5. And finally, because we all need more brownies in our life… How to make a single serve brownie in a coffee mug. Yum!

Your turn!

Have you tried any of these, have they worked for you?

What other life hacks have you used to enhance your life?

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