Hot Forever? {August NaBloPoMo}

Is someone hot forever once they’re labeled hot? Or is hotness fleeting?

Well, certainly not forever, but I don’t think hot is fleeting. Despite what I said in my post yesterday, I do believe just about anyone can be hot because it comes more from the person’s attitude than it does their actual features or clothes.

The thing that makes me laugh is that the individuals who think they are most hot, typically are those who have negative awful attitudes and come across as very superficial. Sure they may be hot, but do they have any more than that? Do people actually want to be friends with them? I wouldn’t, I’m more interested in being friends with someone who is honest and true, than someone who is attractive (that’s not to say my friends are ugly, they’re not).

I know it’s cliché, but in my opinion, age truly is just a number. There are older actresses who are absolutely beautiful, it has so much to do with their confidence. One of my favorite instances of an actress who was likely labeled as hot at a young age and continues to be today is Helen Mirren. She is stunning, then AND now! Just Google her and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of gorgeous pictures that come up.

So, no, hotness is not fleeting. If you’re beautiful on the outside and as you age, continue to be beautiful on the inside your tag of hotness will remain. I can almost guarantee it.

Your turn to weigh-in, do you believe that someone is always considered hot or is it fleeting?

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