What I Ate Wednesday #2

Time for my second installment of, What I Ate Wednesday, if you missed last week’s, you can check it out here.

Here’s a quick recap on how What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) came to be on my blog, one of my favorite blogs, Peas and Crayons does a weekly post all about the food and drinks that she had throughout the day. If you are interested in doing your own “What I Ate Wednesday” post, check out her blog for all the details, everyone is welcome!

Today started out on a rough foot. Emmett decided to wake up at 1 am and refused to go back down until 4 am. Seamus and I took turns caring for him, so we were both pooped but at least I had the luxury of working from home in my PJs and not having to do my hair or make-up. When I’m tried like I was this morning, I tend to crave really decadent foods but in an effort to remain healthy, I made a nice filling meal.

72413-1I had 2 over-easy eggs on Canadian white bread (I know, I know, so NOT healthy but it’s all we had in the house), handful of blueberries, banana and a Laughing Cow Babybel Wheel (Yum!). This kept me seriously full until almost lunch time. OH! And coffee, loads and loads of coffee, I just didn’t snap a picture of it.

I was going to grab a snack but decided I wasn’t quite hungry enough to eat, and after taking one day off from work to celebrate Emmett’s birthday, I was very behind so I skipped the snack and pounded through a few more emails.

Lunch rolled around and I had no desire to actually cook something so I threw a Trader Joe’s Frozen Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread Pizza into the oven.


72413It was so so yummy! I love mushrooms so I had no doubt I’d like it but this was awesome. I absolutely recommend it.

My afternoon went by so so quickly but I managed to sneak a yummy snack of celery and First Light Farm and Creamery Chevre, the chipotle and honey flavor.


72413-4Celery is one of those vegetables that I absolutely love but need to eat dunked in something, blue cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese. None of them are very healthy options when eaten in large amounts so I definitely try to keep my potion sizes small.

Dinner was a simple but delicious meal of grilled chicken breast, roasted asparagus and some fresh bread.

72413-6Such a yummy, yummy day! I love doing this post because it helps keep my food on track because I want to report out my healthy meals honestly.

Have you tried any new meals lately?





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