What I Ate Wednesday #1

One of my favorite blogs, Peas and Crayons does a weekly post all about the food and drinks that she had throughout the day. I’ve been meaning to join in on the fun for a few weeks but every time I think to take pictures of my food or make a post, Wednesday has passed. However, I have remembered to write a post this week, I know you’re thrilled. 😉 If you are interested in doing your own “What I Ate Wednesday” post, check out her blog for all the details, everyone is welcome!

Onto my day…

Wednesdays tend to be a bit hectic because I work from home, but this one was even more crazy because we had to follow Seamus to the car dealership so he could take it in to be repaired AND I had to get home to work. Some weeks are better than others, it really depends on Emmett’s mood and whether he’s more or less content to sit and play by himself. This was a good week! He was curious over everything and I was able to give him a toy and he’d sit and examine it while I worked. Some weeks he’s really clingy and I can’t even walk away for a second without him freaking out, those are the weeks that I work with a baby on my lap. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m glad this was a good week because I had a lot going on that needed to get done.

First up, our breakfast:

WIAW6I had two hard boiled eggs, some plain yogurt (that was a Farmer’s Market find) and some fresh strawberries.

Let me tell you about this yogurt, it’s amazing! It’s from a local farm called First Light Farm & Creamery  and tastes so yummy. I often get their Chevre but this past weekend the gentlemen selling his wares suggested their plain yogurt, I figured I’d give it a try since I was going to be buying some at Wegmans the next day anyhow. I’m so glad I did, and will likely continue for weeks to come. When the guy from first light was describing the yogurt, he said it was naturally sweet, but I was skeptical. I was thinking, how can plain yogurt be sweet? Well, I don’t have an answer for the how but it is! It is just ever so slightly sweet and pairs perfectly with the fresh fruit I also picked up at the market. Seriously though, if you live in Buffalo go, to the Bidwell Farmer’s Market and get yourself some of this yogurt.

Emmett went down for his usual morning nap and I charged right into my work and got a ton accomplished, but while plowing through I needed a pick me up. I had one of my favorite new(ish) snacks, a green smoothie!


In this afternoon’s smoothie there was a handful (or 2) of baby spinach, a cup of frozen strawberries, a frozen banana, frozen nectarines, a cup of almond milk and a splash of water, just so it was wet enough to blend well.

It was a really productive morning. I love that feeling you get when you accomplish everything you set out to do.

When naptime was over, I went into Emmett’s room to get him and this is what I saw.


…fluffy nap hair, I adore it!

Emmett is still nursing, so after he had some milk we sat down to have lunch together. In the future I’ll be sure to get pictures of what he is eating but it was pretty similar to my plate.

photo (13)

Lunch was a Wasa cracker with First Light Farm & Creamery garlic and dill chevre smeared on it, along with a couple more hard boiled eggs, yes I had four hard boiled eggs today, but when you’re busy you’ll grab whatever you can out of the fridge that is healthy and filling. I also had some delicious watermelon, that had the perfect flavor.

Emmett was still in a great mood, so he played and I got more work done and before we knew it, it was time to go pick up Seamus and take him to get his car. Car repairs suck and are so expensive, but at least we know he’s safe.

Once home again, Seamus made dinner while Emmett played and I tried to get a bit more work done. I know I mentioned before that Emmett was in a great mood, but here’s proof.

WIAW-7He was so content to just hang out near me and play. I love when he’s like this because I know he’s confident enough to be independent and play but also that he loves me and wants to be near because there are a million other places he could play, but he chose one nearest me.

Dinner tonight was a Polish feast (alright, not really a feast but it was Polish food). We had Polish sausage and pierogis from Redlinski’s. Seamus did an awesome job throwing it together and it was delicious but sadly I devoured it before I could get a picture, sorry.

Phew! What a busy day, but a really good one too.

What was your favorite part of the day?


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