BlogHer NaBloPoMo: August

Readers! Guess what!? I’m going to be participating in BlogHer NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month!

BlogHer NaBloPoMo - AugustWhat this means for you, is that most days I will use the prompts from this challenge to create my daily blog posts. I’m certainly not running out of ideas to write about, having a child pretty much gives you a new topic everyday but I want to become more involved in the blog community and this is a great way to do it.

If you’re not familiar with what BlogHer NaBloPoMo is all about, you can read about it on BlogHer’s website, but in short bloggers are given a list of prompts for each day of the month and then they take those prompts and interpret them how they choose and blog from that (if you want more details surrounding how NaBloPoMo began, you can check out this link on Wiki). BlogHer’s August Theme is “hot” and after looking down the list of prompts for the month, I’m really excited to write about most of them. It will help lead me in a direction I haven’t yet gone in on this blog and in a way that I was eventually hoping to go.

The blog won’t change, I will continue to write about family life, work life and my (poor) attempts and eating better and working out. I’m just adding this in because I really would like to spread my wings and expand into new territory, plus you’ll have the benefit of learning more about me (well, I think that’s a benefit anyway). 😉

So who’s with me? Who wants to join me in writing about what’s “hot” in August?

If you’re interested, follow the below links to add yourself to the blogroll, you have until August 5th to do so.

BlogHer NaBloPoMo August:




Hope to see you there!


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