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I’m not old, but I am getting older and my skin is definitely starting to change, so I had decided to start a search for lotions that would help hide the years being placed on my skin. Right around the same time I started my search, I received an email from “HTY Gold,” asking if I would be interested in trying out one of their products. Considering the whole premise of their company was exactly what I was looking for, I jumped at the opportunity. Check out their site and available items, here.


I chose the Body Gold lotion since I know I use body lotion every single day. I knew it would be easy to switch out what I was currently using and begin my HTY regimen.




Right off the bat I was super impressed with the item, simply because of the way it was packaged. Sure it came in just a plain brown shipping box, but I mean the inside, the product box was what impressed me. I loved how shiny it was and the animal print, was very visually appealing. Once I opened the actual container of lotion, I literally couldn’t wait to dip in. It looked soft and fluffy and like it would just melt on my skin, which it pretty much did.


Since I was doing a review of their product, I wanted to ensure I followed their recommended usage so I could give it a fair shot. They recommend applying to crepe and dry skin twice daily and as needed.  I started applying it twice a day and immediately fell in love. My frequently dry elbows were now as smooth as Emmett’s and my hands, which I wash nearly a million times a day, are consistently soft and supple.


I’ve fallen head of heels for this product and in an effort to give my readers the same experience, HTY is offering everyone 25% off anything on the site, just enter the code blogger03.


Please do yourself a favor and check out, Hide The Years!!

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**HTY provided me with a sample of their Body Glide lotion, but as always the opinions are my own.**


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