My Journey

Hi blog readers!

I’ve been posting so sporadically lately and I’m sorry about that. Life has gotten so busy and unfortunately the first thing to suffer is my blog since there is no one forcing me to write. I need to stop this because I enjoy sharing my stories with you and often times when I’m posting regularly it becomes a routine.


As you’ve known throughout my many posts about myself, I struggle with my weight and have done so pretty much for my entire life. I am considering sharing more about my journey on this blog but I want your opinions about whether this is something that would interest my readers. I realize my primary focus has been on Emmett and it will continue to be, but since I want to post all about what a first time moms (and repeat moms) go through, I thought hearing about my struggles and successes would interest you.

So what do you think? Would you continue to find my blog interesting if I started sharing more about me and my weight loss adventures?

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  1. adie says:

    OF COURSE! Please share whatever you want to share! It is *your* blog, after all 🙂 Also, I love reading about your progress!

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