Our Favorite Things – 3 to 6 Months

It’s kind of mind blowing that another three months has passed. Seriously! After I had completed the last “Our Favorite Things” post I said to myself, that it would be ages before I’d be writing another one of these but that is just not the case. Time has FLOWN and it’s time to write another post.

But, without further ado, Our 3 to 6 month favorite items:

1. Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Emmett has enjoyed this from the moment we purchased it but in the beginning he’d just sit and look around at all the different items on its tray. Now the second we place him in the jumperoo he goes crazy, jumping and squealing. It is THE cutest thing! Seamus and I find ourselves frequently laughing at him when he’s jumping away.


2. HALO SleepSack

We have about 4 of these and Emmett loves them and so do I. It is a great way to keep him warm in the Winter months without having to use blankets. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone for when your baby has grown out of the swaddler and is ready to have their arms free while they sleep.


3. Bumbo Floor Seat

I know there was a recall a few months back on this seat but when used properly this thing is THE best! We have ours pretty much permanently placed on the floor in the kitchen, so that we can put Emmett in it while we’re cooking or doing other things. This way he’s in the room with us so we can keep an eye on him and he can see us and doesn’t get lonely, it’s the best for both of us. The one thing I would recommend is waiting until your baby can support his/her neck before using the seat, otherwise I think they’d be pretty uncomfortable all squashed down.


4. Boppy Pillow

I know I mentioned this in our last favorite things post but it continues to be one of the best gifts we were giving. I use it multiple times a day and it has made nursing Emmett such a breeze. This is a fantastic gift to give to someone who’s baby shower you will be going to soon. They’re useful even if you don’t use it for nursing because the baby can use it for supportive sitting until they are strong enough to sit alone.


5. Vtech Move & Crawl Ball 

This ball is a lot of fun. From the moment you turn it on and touch a button it moves and sings right along. It wiggles all around every time you touch a button and since it has flashing lights too, it really holds Emmett’s attention for quite awhile. I actually have to admit to sitting and playing with it to hear all it has to say because it seems endless.

6. Blankets

Blankets have been so useful, they have multiple purposes now. We use them for when Emmett spits up but also to lay on the floor for him to play with. I don’t have a specific brand that I would recommend, I’d just say that you should have a ton on hand with a baby at this age.

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