Working on Those Resolutions

We’re almost a month out from January 1st, which means I should have been working on my resolutions for just as long. You can read the details of my resolutions here.

The first one was to be happier. Well I am happy to report that I have been feeling a million times better over the last two weeks. I have to admit that the first couple weeks of the month were rough, there were some dark days in there but things are definitely looking up! I’ve been walking more or trying to do something active every day, in addition to eating better. I truly believe that these are the primary reasons my mood has lifted. The other portion of this is that now that Emmett is 6 months old, I believe my postpartum depression has started to dissipate, which is obviously leading to a happier momma.

My son the sock-topus!

My son the sock-topus!

The second was to invest more time in me. As mentioned above things have been going very well for me in this area. I have been trying to walk at least twice a week or do some other form of activity. I’m certainly not perfect nor am I at the level of fitness that I am aiming for, but I’m getting there. I’m realizing that the time I take and dedicate to myself is making me more content with life.

My eating has also been tremendously better. I’ve been eating breakfast at home, bringing my lunch and eating dinner at home, which leads to all healthy choices. I am also so pleased to share that I have lost almost 4 pounds since the beginning of the month. I realize that it  isn’t the huge numbers the Biggest Loser contestants are pulling in but all I want is to be a lower number at the end of the month than I am at the start and for my first month, I am receiving that. I couldn’t be happier!

Finally, I resolved to stop mourning the past and I actually started tackling this one today. I took all of Emmett’s newborn and 3 month clothes and put them in a bin, which is now safely placed in the basement for future children. It was difficult and I took some time in the beginning  to look at the tiny newborn outfits before packing them away. I really didn’t enjoy doing it but his room is now neater and his drawers are less stuffed which in the end makes my life easier. Time to move on and embrace the beautiful 6 month old I have.

How is everyone else doing with their resolutions?

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