Snow Day!

Over the holidays we got a large amount of snow and since this was Emmett’s FIRST snow it was absolutely necessary to take him out to get pictures. It was also his cousin’s first snow, which was even more exciting because she lives in a warmer climate, seeing snow like this would be MUCH less likely for her.


We started out putting them on a blue plastic tablecloth, thinking it wouldn’t show up much in pictures but that didn’t quite work, though we still got some darn cute pics!



We ended up deciding that we might as well put them in the snow because even if they get wet, we were just in my mom’s backyard and would be able to run in and take the wet clothes off and get them all warmed up.

first-snow-10 first-snow-9


Emmett is not quite sitting on his own, so while my niece sat up (she’s 2 months older than Emmett), E laid in the snow. He actually seemed pretty comfortable and not at all like the cold or snow was bothering him.



Every time we put the babies near each other they would interact with. Humming or ba ba’ing to one another or reaching out and touching hands, it was seriously adorable.



They weren’t thrilled (as you can see) but they also weren’t terribly unhappy either. There weren’t any tears and with just the right amount of distraction we got them to kind of look at the camera. Even without them smiling, you can see that those are two of the cutest babies around.

first-snow-7 first-snow-6 first-snow-5


I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed snow, I don’t mind the cold and snow is really pretty so it was fun to go out and experience this with my son. He obviously didn’t get the concept and in the end, probably wasn’t the most thrilled with the cold but these pictures will always be there.

Does anyone else have any great “first snow” stories?

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  1. Louise says:

    Love this post Jillian. Cute cousins and I haven’t seen some of these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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