Emmett’s First Christmas

Emmett’s first Christmas was pretty exciting for all of us, probably more so for the adults than it was for him but he did seem to enjoy it.


Earlier in the December I had decided not to decorate. I went back and forth with this decision for quite awhile but I realized that if I decorated it would just add one more stressful thing to my life that already seems so jammed full and I didn’t need that. I also knew that we would be down at my parent’s house for both Christmas Eve and Day so there would be plenty of opportunities to get Christmas pics of Emmett.


I’ll admit that I definitely didn’t get into the Christmas spirit until I was wrapping people’s gifts the night before Christmas Eve and normally this would bother me and make me sad but since life HAS been so busy it really didn’t even phase me. I was excited to see my sister, her husband and my niece which was happening around Christmas, so I had family spirit. 🙂


Anyhow, back to Emmett, Christmas Eve morning we got all of our stuff together and headed down to my parent’s house. It’s only an hour ride from where we live so the trip isn’t bad. Our car was full to the brim with gifts for everyone and all of the things that a baby might require for an overnight stay (which tends to be a lot for such a little person).


Our Christmas Eve typically consists of a meatless meal (fish is allowed) followed by lots of loud chatter and a gift game, similar to the white elephant game. Emmett was such a great little boy! Since there were going to be two babies there my dad insisted on getting two high chairs for their house and I’m glad they did, my niece used one and Emmett used the other. Emmett’s not eating solids yet but it made it easier for Seamus and I to eat while he sat in the high chair and played with his toys.

He also did very well with all the people there. My aunt and cousin each held him for a bit but for the most part he stuck around myself, Seamus or my mom and he was happy or at least content. Once bedtime came around it was pretty difficult to get him to sleep because the house was quite loud but he eventually crashed. He woke up once when we came to bed (we were all sharing a room) but then stayed asleep until almost 6 am, Christmas day.


Emmett and I were the first ones up Christmas and we had some quality time together. He was in a fantastic mood so we cuddled and played and sang to each other, it was just perfect. I did get a few pictures of him in front of the tree with all of the gifts, I believe I posted those in this past week’s “The Week in Pictures.” Eventually it got to be nap time, just as everyone else was starting to wake up but I know how Emmett is if he doesn’t go down when he’s tired, so up he went to bed. He slept for a good 2 hours and came downstairs in a great mood.

My dad was also finally awake so the gift opening began! My parents are always so extremely generous and both babies ended up with so many new toys, clothes and special mementos. We haven’t even opened all the toys to play with yet and we’re a week out from Christmas.


Seamus had to work the next day, I did to but I was working from home, so we ate dinner with my family and then headed back home. We wanted to get home early enough to keep Emmett to his routine and so that Seamus had time to relax before bed. We gave E his bath, read him his story and off to dreamland he went. I imagine that he dreamt of wrapping paper and shiny bows. While I’m sure the toys will be a big hit once they’re opened and he’s playing with them, he obviously doesn’t quite get the concept of what presents are yet.


Oh and I forgot to mention that Emmett is so special that he got to hang out with Santa for a second time, so did my niece!! What lucky little babies!


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