Dear Emmett,

You are half a year old, Emmett and I simply can NOT believe this! That means you have been a part of our lives for 6 months, it seems impossible that, that much time has past since July 23.


We started the month with Christmas! Well actually technically, we started with a visit from your cousin. We went to Duff’s for lunch and you were such a good boy. You fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept for a while in the restaurant while we waited for you cousin and her family to get there. Once everyone arrived you woke up and were just so happy. You were passed from your dad, to me, to your grandma, to your aunt and you remained happy and smiley. You even got some good cuddles in with you grandma. You’ve come a long way from the baby that wouldn’t let mommy and daddy go out for dinner without melting down.


When we placed you and your cousin near each other, it was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. You or she would reach out your hand to one another and you’d either just lay them one on top of the other or you’d pull at her onesie or she’d pull at your binky. Seeing the two of you together filled my heart with love.


THEN came Christmas! And boy oh boy were you spoiled by your grandparents on both sides. You received a new high chair, toys, clothes and other very special odds and ends. Your aunts and uncles were also very good to you, you are one LUCKY boy!



You continue to roll over but there is a new element, since you’ve become so good at it, you will now roll from you back to your belly and stay there for a minute and then roll from belly to back, stay there and then roll over again. My little rolly polly olly! It’s really funny too, because we have a HUGE play area set up for you in the living room, with plenty of room for you to roll and roll and roll but yet you choose to roll the OTHER way and end up under the coffee table. You get SO mad when we pull you back onto your blankets and disturb your playtime but we want you to be safe and not put something into your mouth that you shouldn’t. You are just so darn cute and you make me smile.

You also encountered your first snow! You didn’t seem too impressed but I’d hate to break it to you kid, you better get used to it because your father and I don’t really have any plans on leaving the area so you’ll be in the snowy WNY area at least until you’re 18. 🙂


You also seem quite smitten with my singing. I certainly don’t have a fantastic voice or anything; you just seem to enjoy the sound of the flowing melody. Oftentimes, when you get fussy or impatient on the changing table I’ll start singing, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and you’ll quickly relax. It also seems to be your favorite song right now.  

You started doing this at the end of you fifth month but for some reason you love grabbing your daddy’s face. My guess is that you like the feeling of the prickles from his beard because you don’t do this to me. You take your little hands and grab the skin around his jaw line and pull and tug, probably trying to put it into your mouth (because that’s what you do with E V E R Y T H I N G). It’s humorous and while I’m sure it doesn’t feel great, your daddy doesn’t seem to mind.

emmett-6-1 emmett-6-2









The above two pictures were not taken on Thanksgiving, you just had a blow out diaper and I didn’t feel like putting you in an outfit that you’d wear to day care.

You also had your first New Year’s Eve. It was very laid back for everyone, we stayed home and relaxed. Your dad and I did our own things, until just before the ball drop then we watched TV. We were curled up in bed cuddling and waiting for midnight to share a sweet kiss, when you decided that you wanted to join the party.  Your dad and I did get our kiss but then I went into your room and fed you and of course gave you a couple kisses,  you went right back down to sleep. You’re such a sweet boy!


Baby New Year!

You finally truly understand how your bouncer works!! You still aren’t long enough to reach the floor without a large book underneath you but you now know how to bounce and to reach for the toys on the tray in front of you. There are two leaves that hang off of the poles that hold the springs, one leaf has a monkey and the other holds a rhino. They have been dangling just out of your reach but the other day you grabbed one and held on tight. It was the cutest! You refused to let go for the longest time, finally you did. Click the link to see Emmett bouncing.

You are getting closer and closer to sitting up like a big boy! We’ve been sitting you up with the boppy around your waste and you stay up for a little while before you decide to slide down or fall sideways. It seems that when we hold a toy at your eye level you stay upright best.  You also like sitting in daddies lap when you guys are on the floor. You use him almost like a boppy pillow. We do need to keep working on this skill because you have not quite mastered it yet, it will be happening soon, very very soon.


You’ve also started to babble. Let me repeat that because it is so very exciting, YOU’VE STARTED TO BABBLE! You started with ‘da da da,’ the first time you did it, your dad went “Hey! He’s talking!” We both kind of couldn’t believe it. The night that it started you made a babbling sound and then the sound stopped but your mouth kept moving. It was really silly! It looked like you were trying to get the hang of your vocal cords. Here we are a week later and you most definitely have gotten the hang of it. Now when you yell, you no longer screech, you yell your DA! DA! DA! very loudly until someone starts paying attention to you. Click the link for an adorable babbling Emmett

You went through another one of your personality changes, at the start of the month you were a little cranky and needed constant attention,  now you are so happy! You are constantly smiling at me, daddy or anyone else who strikes your fancy. It’s the best to see you so excited about everything!

Well Emmet, my adorable 6 month old baby. We’ve had a great month, I look forward to everything else you have in store for us.

I love you!

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