Transition – Part 2

If you missed the first post, read it here.

Last time I posted about Emmett’s sleep habits, Seamus and I were really struggling but I think we’ve finally gotten his sleep pattern figured out (for now) and I also think E’s gotten used to his sleep sack.

We’ve had a pretty solid bedtime routine since he was about 3 months old, bath, lotion/oil, bottle, book and then bed. I think having this routine has helped with his transition going so quickly because even if he was feeling weird with his arms out, he knew it was bed time by the what we were doing.

So after that last post, what happened was that we had decided to swaddle him with one arm out but much to our dismay we went in after one of his naps where we’d swaddled him this way and he was on his belly. He probably would have been able to lift his head but we just weren’t comfortable with this and we wanted him to have both his arms so we decided we’d just suck it up and deal with losing sleep and put him in the sleep sack.

It was so very rough the first few nights but I kept telling myself that it couldn’t last forever and it didn’t. The first night he was waking up pretty frequently but each subsequent night got better and better, I also think him exclusively using the sleep sack at day care helped him adjust too. Yes, I realize that he will likely have other sleep disturbances down the road but we’ve conquered this one so I will celebrate the success.



We’ve also been trying to sleep train Emmett, which is a whole post on it’s own but I wanted to share that no matter what method you use to get your baby to sleep, as long as it works for you and your family that is all that matters. You will find loads of research for each of the different methods and I do recommend reading them all but I think it’s most important to work with your baby and his/her needs.

Anyone have any horror stories or success stories about transitioning their baby from swaddler to sleep sack?

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