The Week From Hell

Last week was literally a week from hell!!

Sunday night into Monday was one of the worst sleeping nights that Emmett has had. Typically even if he gives us a hard time going back down after waking in the middle of the night, it doesn’t take longer than an hour but that night I was up with him for almost an hour and a half and then Seamus was up with him for probably about 45 minutes. The thing is, even if Seamus is the one up with him and caring for him, I’m up too because I usually can’t fall back to sleep until I know Emmett’s going to be asleep for good. In total, I ended up with 3 hours of sleep.

Heading into work was hard, I made through half a day and decided to come home and sleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for about 2 hours and then my stomach started feeling “off” and then the nausea came. I decided to go to bed when Emmett went to bed around 8:30, I slept until about 10:30 when I had to rush out of bed to the bathroom to puke. I immediately felt better so I thought it was just something I ate but as the night wore on, I got sick again and then again. Ugh! I hadn’t had the stomach flu in probably 4 or 5 years and wasn’t thrilled to have it again, especially knowing how contagious it is and having a little baby that I wanted to keep healthy.

I did everything in my power to try and keep my germs to myself. I sprayed everything with Lysol after I touched everything and I washed my hands any time I went near a sink but it wasn’t enough. Sadly, Emmett came down with the stomach flu on Thursday morning. I went into his room to feed him and get him ready for day care and he just seemed so lethargic, poor guy. I didn’t think too much of it because it was so early and I had woken him, rather than him waking on his own. I got him dressed and took him back into our bedroom so I could get dressed, when I picked him back up he was whimpering and crying just a little bit and as we were walking back to his room he puked like the scene from the exorcist.


It went everywhere! All over me, himself, the kitchen floor and then eventually his changing table. It wasn’t just a tiny amount either, it was PUDDLES worth. It is kind of amazing that his belly could hold that much milk. Towards dinner time I could tell he was feeling back to normal because his smiles were back and he was having fun playing.

Seamus hadn’t gotten it yet so I was really hoping that he’d be lucky enough to avoid it but no such luck. He came down with it on Saturday morning and spent pretty much the entire day in bed. Emmett’s day care was hosting bonus Christmas babysitting, so I took him in while I went out to shop and get some last minute gifts. It ended up being a really good day for Emmett and I because we got lots of time to play and cuddle but poor Seamus was asleep in bed. He was feeling a little better on Sunday but wasn’t 100% until Tuesday.

Now that we’re all back to good health, I’m hoping everything else stays away. I can handle being sick and Seamus himself being sick but a sick baby is just so sad because they do not understand why they feel so awful. I’m hoping to avoid any more illnesses!

Things are finally feeling back to normal, well as normal as they can be with Christmas next week. 🙂

Anyone else dealt with any Winter illnesses yet this year?


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