Dear Emmett,

Your 5 months old now, this kind of shocks me and at the same time I realize how little time you’ve been on this earth. We’ve had a month full of ups and downs but I still love you till the ends of the earth and back.


The month started out with your 4 month visit to the doctors where you weighed in at 16.7 pounds and 24.75 inches long. You are one big baby! But you aren’t overly chubby, you’re just a healthy strong boy, in my opinion, you’re perfect! The doctor even said not to worry about your weight (you’re in the 77th percentile) that most breastfed babies will equal out with their formula fed counterparts eventually. Honestly, baby, I wasn’t worried but it’s good to hear that the doctor thinks you’re healthy.

Very early in the month you went through a mini personality change, you were very cranky and often were difficult to soothe. Your dad and I had to go back to eating dinner in shifts to keep you happy until bedtime. But then by the second week of the month you were back to your happy self (as long as you got your regular naps).


You took a big step this month in learning how to roll from back to tummy. This is the harder of the rolls for infants but you finally conquered it and I think surprised yourself as much as you surprised us. However, since you were born, we had swaddled you and now that you were flipping from back to tummy we had to switch you from the SwaddleMe to a Halo Sleep Sack. In the swaddler you had your arms close to your body and closed in tight but with a SleepSack you are essentially zipped into a fleece blanket with arm holes, leaving your arms free to wave and move around. This led to some serious sleep deprivation for your dad and I. You just did not want to sleep and we did try a few different things before making the full transition to the SleepSack but you’d go down and wake up several times a night.


This was probably the roughest time with you because we were all exhausted but we just couldn’t get you to stay asleep. This lasted for about a week and then you finally started to adjust but just as that was happening, I came down with the stomach virus. I really tried to keep it to myself, washing my hands a million times, basically not touching you or your father but unfortunately we just weren’t that lucky. I got sick late Monday night and into Tuesday, thankfully your dad was able to take a family sick day to take care of you so I could rest. I thought we were in the clear because I was feeling better by Wednesday and neither you nor your dad had come down with anything but on Thursday I woke you up to feed you before heading to work and day care and you just didn’t want to wake up completely. I fed you, got you dressed and took you into mommy and daddy’s bedroom so I could finish getting ready and you were just so out of it. When I picked you back up and was carrying you back to your room you threw up everywhere, all over yourself, the kitchen floor and me. Poor guy, I felt so bad for you, my darling.


We took you to the doctors to get checked out and she said you were fine and to get pedialite just in case we started noticing you getting dehydrated but by the evening you were feeling better, which was quite a relief. I hate seeing you sad or uncomfortable and you were both while you were sick.

Anyway, back to you rolling over. I was so so SO proud of you the first time you rolled over. It’s the cutest thing too, you kick your little legs over with enough momentum to get your shoulder underneath you and then you kind of flop over with your one arm still stuck under your belly. Eventually, with enough wiggling and worming you get that hand out and you can hold yourself up nice and high and look at everything and everyone above you. You actually tend to like being on your belly more now, than your back. But if you’re cranky, you still prefer your back.


Guess who you got to meet this month??? C’mon! Guess at least once!


SANTA!! You met Santa!  You were such a good boy too and deserved the present he gave to you. Your grampy belongs to a club in mommy’s hometown that brings Santa in to come and visit with the boys and girls and we were lucky enough to get a ticket to go. You got to sit on his lap and everything. I’m sure in future years you’ll look forward to telling him all about what you’d like for Christmas but this year you just sat there and kind of stared at him and his big long white beard.


On the day you got to meet Santa you also had a giant messy blowout. Grammy, Aunt Bridget and I all had to work to get you cleaned up, mainly because there wasn’t a changing table but also because it was oh so messy. Thankfully we got you cleaned up and all set to go out and meet Santa, the only problem was, your nice clean dress shirt had to be changed so you ended up wearing a long sleeved blue shirt under your Christmas vest. Oh well! You’ll always have a funny story to tell about your first visit with Santa.


You also made the jump from 3 month size clothes to 6 month. At the beginning of the month 6 month size clothing was pretty big on you but you’ve since filled everything out. The pants are still a little long but overall things fit you well. It’s fun to go through and organize your next set of outfits but hopefully you stick in the 6 month clothes for a little bit, we’re not quite ready for 9 months (yet).

Well, beautiful, amazing boy another month has passed and I am still over the moon in love with you. I look forward to each and every moment that I get with you and can’t wait for each new day to begin.


Love you always,


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