Trader Joe’s

I’ve had a not so secret obsession with Trader Joe’s since I went to one in Atlanta while visiting my sister. Unfortunately, up until the beginning of October, there weren’t any nearby, so I was forced to live vicariously through friends…but NOT ANY MORE!  Seamus and I headed out to Rochester with the baby for their first trip to TJs. Seamus never quite understood my excitement and used to just kind of laugh and shake his head when I would talk about the store. I mean, I can kind of get it, it’s just a grocery store, except it isn’t, it’s like no other grocery store I’ve been to. They have such an amazing selection of goods that it would make you crazy if you didn’t love the store (I’m only kidding, I realize not everyone shares my obsession).

I thought I’d shared some of the super duper awesome goodies we purchased!

A Sweet Treat

THE most important reason for going to Trader Joe’s!


This is just a small portion of what we bought, I’m really hoping we can start making a monthly trip out there. It’s a nice weekend day trip for us!

Your turn, what are some of your favorite TJs finds?



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