The Week in Pictures

I don’t know about you but I love when I look at another person’s blog and they do their picture posts. I just LOVE looking at whatever it is that has struck their fancy that week, so I’ve decided to join the “party” and have my own “The Week in Pictures” post.

I hope you like it!

Laying in bed cuddling with mommy.

Mommy’s getting ready for work and daddy’s cooking breakfast, so I sit and watch them.

The monkies were attacking me when I was playing with my Aunt Bridget.

I love bath time!

Grocery shopping with mommy and daddy.

I slept while mommy and daddy went out to dinner on Friday.

I’m nice and warm while mommy takes me for a walk.

My strange parents thought I looked adorable sitting in the big pot.

I was keeping mommy’s seat warm.

They’re not always all Emmett. This week they are but I promise in the future they won’t be. 🙂

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