Sharing the Holidays

The holidays can be a super stressful time for anyone but seem to get busier and crazier once you have a significant other and then eventually a family. When I was single there was no question where the holidays would be spent or what new traditions would be developed, it was simple, I celebrated with my family, that was that and I loved it! Then upon entering a long-term relationship a whole new can of worms open because we needed to determine which holiday would be celebrated where.

I have to admit that I’m pretty lucky, Seamus and I have our holiday situation down to a science and it’s worked for us for the last 5 years. Thanksgiving day we celebrate at his parent’s house. This is their big holiday, his family celebrates on the actual day with a giant meal. My family typically goes to my mom’s sister’s house and the first year I missed out on this it was rough but we’ve adjusted because now even though my mom, dad and some of my siblings still go to my Aunt’s, my mom will hold Thanksgiving at her house on the Saturday after. We get the best of both worlds and there isn’t any fighting!

Christmas is my family’s big holiday, well technically Christmas Eve, so it was easy to decide that Christmas Eve (into Christmas morning would be celebrated with my family). On Christmas Eve my family gathers to celebrate Wigilia. After reading what Wiki says about the holiday, I have to admit we celebrate it very differently. Basically the only portion of the holiday that we stick to is our meal is free from red meat and poultry but we do have several different fish dishes. Christmas morning is also spent at my parent’s house where we wake sit around in our PJs and open gifts.

Seamus’ family typically will celebrate Christmas sometime after the holiday, there’s never a specific date, it’s just scheduled as time permits, which allows us to be pretty stress-free when it comes to how we celebrate our holidays.

We are always still running around and feel like time is flying by too quickly during the holiday season but at least there aren’t arguments as to who gets what holiday. I suppose in a few years we’ll want to start our own traditions with Emmett but for now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the holidays as they’re currently celebrated!

How do you separate where you celebrate each of the coming holidays?

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