Friday Fitness

Amount Lost:

0 – gained 2 lbs.

I’m very disappointed in myself. The week of Thanksgiving really threw me off and unfortunately I let it spiral into this week. No excuses, just getting back on track!

Amount Remaining to Lose:


Goals for 11/16/2012 – 11/22/2012:

Food Goals:

  • Continued consistent tracking

This was actually not a problem. I tracked 6 out of 7 days, my problem came with what I was eating.

  • Eat sensibly on Thanksgiving.

I definitely ate sensibly. I had only one helping and didn’t pig out! This was easy to do because I’m not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving, I prefer Christmas food.

  • Increase my veggie by 2 additional servings a day, this will put me at 5 a day.

I struggled here. I got maybe 2 servings of veggies most days and 1 serving of fruit, no where near enough.

Fitness Goals:

I all around sucked at my goals for fitness. I did continue to park further away at work and take the extra walk to get water from the cafeteria but I didn’t do any additional workouts nor did I ever hit 10,000 steps. The closest I got was 7,000, not bad but that was only one day, not all week.

“Mommy, I’ll keep your seat warm for you.”

Goals for 11/30/12 – 12/6/12:

Food Goals:

  • Keep the consistent tracking going
  • Bring lunch from home and cook dinner at night

Fitness Goals:


Seriously stop making excuses and get off your butt and do something!! I’m so sick of reporting laziness.

  • Earn 10,000 steps on at least 3 days
  • Go to the JCC and swim at least once.

I need some tough love because I really am sick of posting this talking about how lazy I am. I want to write about successes and possibly inspire someone else who may be struggling.

Let’s help each other work towards our goals! 

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